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Free Shampoo Samples By Mail

Where to apply for free shampoo samples including those by mail and at local supermarkets:

Health and beauty companies and manufacturers often offer them on their websites or in magazines or send out coupons which you redeem at your local chemist, Boots branch or supermarket like Tesco or Asda. This article will discuss where to apply and why they get given out and the pros and cons of applying.

Shampoo Sample

The most common free shampoo samples by mail is for a 50ml or 100ml bottle. This is usually enough for you to try out a new product or an improved formula of an older type. Generally each will give you two or three washes. These type of freebies are sometimes available from websites like Timotei or Head and Shoulders and will be sent direct to your home address.

Another is for a packet attached to a magazine like a health and beauty mag or fashion mags. Sometimes the gossip magazines will have these offers. Sunsilk and Neutrogena have done this in the past. These are usually enough just for one wash so that they fit nicely within the pages of the magazine.

The last type we will discuss in this article are the vouchers which are sent to you as an advertising mailing (some call these junk mail but we do not if it saves money!), or that you cut out from newspapers and magazines. Other coupons can be found on packets of your existing product and are usually for a new product of the same manufacturer or brand such as the latest products for Pantene Pro V or L’oreal.

There are many reasons that companies give out free samples of shampoo by mail. If a company can get people to become loyal to one particular brand they can make a great deal from the expense of giving out a small bottle which would have cost them little to manufacture and market. Just quickly calculate how many bottles you and your family buy in a year and multiply by several decades - that is your worth to a company.

Once the company have you locked into the brand they know they may well have a customer for life, provided they keep the product fresh and at a reasonable price. If they have your personnel details on file they can send you another of the latest type to keep you buying their brand. Good news for you and them. You get something for nothing and they keep you as a customer.

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There are few disadvantages to applying and the first is that you will be on the mailing list of the company and will get news mailings by e-mail and postal mail. You may get the occasion marketing telephone call. Reputable companies will allow you to opt out of such mailing lists though. It is worth staying on the mailing list though to get news of the latest competitions and discounts.

They are rigorously tested in laboratories and then by consumer groups before being put up for sale in shops and stores and given away. There is the small risk that you may be allergic to a new one or suffer a skin rash but such testing reduces this problem.

The major advantage of applying is that you can try out various products at no cost until you find the one that suits your hair type and conditions. So if you suffer from a dry, flaky and itchy scalp and try Gel T, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson’s and Oilatum you can easily find out which of these works best for you before you go to the expense of buying a large bottle.

Regular users such as swimmers who need to wash out the chlorine from their hair can trial daily use products like Fructis or Wash and Go whilst people who dye their hair can trial those like Herbal Essences or VO5 that are specially formulated for coloured hair.

Applying for those such as Original Source, Vosene, Botanics, Dove or Radox is no scam and is a great way to try a range of products and will save you a bit of money whilst your try them out. Another way is to register to test products for money.

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