Live Art Model

How to become a life live art model and make money through jobs clothed or nude modelling for students, artists, sculptors, photographers and group classes

Live Art Model

Anyone can become one and earn money by posing nude or clothed for people like art students, video game designers, sculptors, prosthetic limb manufacturers, photographers, furniture designers, body painters, mannequin designers, classes and clubs, etc. No qualifications or skills are required - though shyness will have to be overcome. You do not need to have a perfect figure as a live art model - in fact most prefer natural looking men and women.

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Life Model

You should be prepared to stay in a specific position for long periods during life model jobs, usually no more than an hour, without moving or changing position. You should not talk and you will have to ignore that itch. Boredom may be a problem for some nude models though others enjoy the peace and quiet of contemplative thought and not having to do anything. Some life nude art modelling jobs may only be for a few minutes and others may be for twenty minutes. If you are outdoors or indoors, but naked, you may have to work in draughty, cold conditions - though most tutors will ensure your comfort - they don't want to paint or draw someone with goose bumps!

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Before changing position, for example when you have a stretch break, the teacher will chalk or use masking tape to mark your position so that you can return to your exact pose. Some teachers may want to take an instant photograph so that you can return to the same pose. They should ask your permission before taking your photo and you have every right to ask for this picture back.

Not all assignments involve nudity and you may have work for facial features or be asked to wear specific clothing and hold certain props.

Nude Modelling Jobs

Nude modelling jobs are usually referred to as undraped in advertisements for live models. You should not wear any jewellery unless requested. Etiquette forbids anyone to touch you and they will generally ask for permission to come closer to study you, eg for contours and shading. Generally only the tutor will talk to you and will speak to students first and field requests. This enables you to stay in position without distractions.

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Being one is quite liberating! After you've stripped naked for a room full of strangers you become more relaxed about your body and take a pride in it - after all there are people or a person who loves it enough to do a drawing or painting of you.

You will also be helping students learn to study the living human body, the contours, muscle groups and how they work, skin texture, bone structure, etc.

Model For Artists

Contact your local art class, college or school and express an interest in being a model for artists. You may be asked to fill out an application form, provide photographs, describe your body, state any disabilities or scars and provide any past experiences you have had.

Rates of pay for life modelling vary from £7 to £12 an hour and you will be paid more if naked, have make up applied or if you have to have your hair cut. Income gained from live modelling should be declared to the tax office on your self assessment form.

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The Register of Artists Models (RAM) is the largest register of life models, also known as artists models, in the UK.

Live Modelling

An alternative to nude art models jobs is to work for a company that asks you to wear a temporarily tattoo that displays an advert. For example the cosmetic firm Feel Unique are looking for people who will wear a temporarily tattoo on their eyelid with a small advert such as a website or product name. then ask them to wink at people and provide eye contact that is long enough for the person to read the eye tattoo that carries the advert. The wink is designed to draw the person's eye to the advert. At the time of writing this the rate of pay was 10p a wink with FeelUnique relying on their honesty to wink at least for £100 for each eye advert. Read more information or apply for the temporarily tattoo that displays an advert at

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