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Betterware jobs allows you to sell a range of home, health and beauty, gifts, kitchen and garden products to make life easier for your customers. This home shopping catalogue and brochure company have been in the UK for over 75 years and have over 7000 people working for them delivering their catalogues and brochures to homes around the Country. They then collect the brochures and catalogues, take and process the customers orders, return with the purchased goods and get paid. The delivering catalogue jobs tips will give you advice to help you increase your earning potential.

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Betterware Distributor

You can easily become one of these successful Betterware distributors. No skills or qualifications are required and there are no age restrictions. Working for them provides you with an additional income and you can earn extra cash. Free information, training and work support is available and once you have completed the job training you will be given your own area of work - so you don't have to worry about clashing with another employee and you will never have to worry about someone else working on your patch.

Once you've got your own patch you should be as customer focused as possible. Build up a rapport with your customers and they will soon feel confident enough to order items from the brochures you leave with them.

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Betterware Catalogues

Once you have orders from your Betterware catalogues you simply give them to your area coordinator who then will bring the items to your home at a mutually convenient date and time. So there is no need to have boxes of items taking up space in your home. Once your area coordinator has handed over the items to you all you have to do is take them to your customers houses and collect their money. This is a great time to chat with your customers and further build up your rapport. Get to know them, their interests, family, etc and find something to chat about or have a laugh with them - they will remember this and enjoy seeing you again and perhaps keep ordering from you. As your chats progress you can start to easily slip into the conversation the latest product or gadget - especially at seasonal times like Christmas. The more orders you can get, without being too pushy or intrusive, the higher commission you will secure. It is possible to earn 27% commission.

They also allow you to give your commission to charity and raises funds for charities such as Great Ormond Street, Breast Cancer Care or local charities.

Once you have the customers money you add up all the orders and have the joy of taking your own pay from the money. The rest is handed over to your area coordinator.

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Working For Betterware

A major advantage of working for Betterware is that you can choose your own hours and the time spent at your Betterware job is up to you. You can even wait a week or two between leaving the brochures and catalogues. During the time your customers have the opportunity to look through the latest edition and see new Betterware products - and you can be doing other work, like those listed on the left of this page. It is an ideal employment for people with children because you can distribute and collect them and process orders while the children are at school. The employment would also suit a retired person who wants to supplement their pensions whilst getting out and about. Men and women can work for them. Add this to those listed on the left and it is possible to earn a modest monthly income. More so if you can devote more hours to secure more orders. Some successful distributors include husband and wife teams who work full time.

There are promotional opportunities too, such as area co-ordinator or even a regional sales executive.

One of the lovely things is that they really look after their work force. So once you have completed the training and start to work for them you will be invited along to company road shows, family fun days and national conferences.

To join you can contact them on the telephone number listed at their website or fill out their online form on their site.

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