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How much you can earn from brochure and catalogue work. Includes an example of our earnings and expenses with profit for the first year in business:

earnings Commission Advice

During our working for Kleeneze time we began distributing their cleaning, health and beauty, home and garden and Christmas brochures. This commission advice page will discuss and outline our expenses, earnings and profit for the first year. We will include a description of why we paid out an expense and give thoughts to how we increased our profits.

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This information and advice can be transferred to other home shopping catalogue schemes such as Avon, Betterware, Pampered Chef, etc.

We will also put our time spent on the job so that hourly rate and full or part time benefits can easily be figured out. Please note that this page is our earnings from the hours we choose to do which is part time whilst we run this website and do the other freelance jobs we discuss and should be used as an example. As with anything in life the more effort you put into something the more you will get back.

Week One

Researched the earnings opportunity and then sent a cheque for £141 to our sponsor for our starter pack and additional catalogues. The normal price for a starter pack is £75 which gives you 50 (they are now giving you 100 for the same price so your earning potential could be higher than ours). We wanted to deliver a larger bulk to increase our chances of earning more quickly so that we could soon be earning a good wage. So we saw this as an investment. It is possible to earn a part time wage from 50 but we liked the idea of distributing more whilst we were out and about and to make the most of our time. Whilst customers are spending a few days looking through them we can do our other jobs. Because we paid by cheque we had to wait 5 - 7 days for the cheque to clear in our sponsor's bank account before the courier delivered our starter pack. People who pay by credit card or paypal get there's much quicker and can start earning sooner.

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Received the starter kit, familiarised ourselves with the items, paperwork, procedures and read throughout the brochures to learn more about each product. Talked with our sponsor and read the training manual. Wrote our name, address and telephone number on each brochure (quicker to use an ink stamper specially made or stickers printed!) and placed them in the special protective plastic envelope so that they wouldn't get wet if people left them on doorsteps. Printed off a letter of introduction to new customers, call back slips and thank you for your order slips. Found the children's old buggy from the loft to use as a trolley to wheel them around the village. Planned our route and number of each house using a local A-Z map.


Day One: Delivered 150 to various houses and flats in our planned route (1 hour).

Four: Collected them and orders from 150.


Day One: Delivered 130 to various houses and flats in our planned route.

Three: Collected them and orders from 130 and did call back to those I was unable to collect last week.

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We would advise investing in more at this stage to replace and supplement any that have been lost, destroyed or are still with customers. For the purposes of this article review we stuck with our original 150 and delivered the remaining stock as it dwindled down so that readers can see a true account of how much can be earnt with one 28 day period with a £141 investment.

Four: Delivered 90 and performed more call backs. Received my website log in details and password and spent an hour reading through marketing material and familiarising myself with the site.

Five: Ordered my first product delivery order from my first drop (took 20 minutes but will get faster as I get used to the internet ordering system). I waited until I had over £250 of orders to get free next day courier delivery (if ordered before 9am). I have been lucky enough to get a £500 credit account so ordered £629 worth of goods (the credit limit is less your commissions). From this I pay £497 from the cheques, cash and credit card payments from my customers. So on my first order I made a commission of £132. I invested a further £2 for some more snap plastic bags to protect my catalogues and specialogues - some have been eaten by dogs and destroyed in letter boxes! These bags protected them though and I get sent 100 for £2. It is normally £2 for 50 but another benefit of internet ordering is that you get to read about any special offers. A kit pack is also reduced by £3 this month.
I ordered using the internet service at a cost of £7.50 (reduced from £10 for giving them my e-mail address so they can send me invoices to print out) per 28 day period. This is so easy and automatically calculates everything for you, including your commissions and profit volumes. It looks like I should get an extra 6% bonus in additional to my commission. This bonus is from the total amount ordered by customers, so could be sizeable and see me have a return of my investment and be in profit in my first month.
On the internet site I can see that the blue team that I am in made a bulk sale code products sales of £2,436,110.91 - it does sell and there are profits to be made! This figure is for a 28 day period. I am definitely going to stick with distributing them and taking orders - I can see the long term benefits and profits.

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Six: Collected

Seven: Delivered to a new area and called back to collect more.


Day One: Collected and delivered to a new area. Took a bit longer because I am starting to venture further to develop my customer base.
In the afternoon I took delivery of my first order today. It came in 8 boxes so I took over the lounge! Was delighted to see that I received a free gift of a Bare and Beautiful painless hair removal machine (are they trying to tell me something!) . This will be great for removing my eyebrow hairs and may be less painful than my tweezers. It took me about 3 hours to check the invoice and bag up each individual order. I'm sure this will get quicker with each subsequent order. Spent a further 3 hours delivering the orders and chatting to customers.

Two: Delivered the last of my orders and paid in cheques at my bank then a celebratory lunch using my first payment!

Three: I paid some money into my account on Monday using my own switch card so that my credit account would clear. This has now cleared and I was able to type in some more orders. The cheques I paid in yesterday have already cleared. Placed an order for £394 worth of goods at the website and received £83 commission (15 minutes). I think I should also get a bonus of 2 - 6% at the end of this 28 day period because my orders have been over £1000. I'm now £74 in profit when you consider my initial investment, so any money I make now is pure profit!

Four: Collected brochures and specialogues from a new area today. Bit disappointed to know that another distributor had been there a week before but interestingly I still got over £100 of orders. Talking to some of the customers the other distributor only goes to certain houses. It shows you the importance of doing a blanket drop in each area to build up your own customer base. One customer won't use the other distributor because the person was so rude to her. It pays to work hard, have a plan, stick with it, smile and be polite!

Five: Did call backs for those who were out yesterday to get more back. Popped these and those retrieved yesterday through the doors of a new area.
I received my second delivery of goods in the afternoon, checked the order and bagged them up ready for delivery in the evening when more people are in.
Delivered the orders to my customers, stopping to chat and let customers know I'd be back in about two weeks with the new one. Paid myself with the money received and put aside the rest to take to the bank on Monday.

Six: Took a day off to go shopping to spend my first two payments!

Seven: Spent thirty minutes doing call backs with deliveries. Sunday afternoon is a great time to get people in.


Days One and Two: I am in another new area delivering and collecting. Even though there is an existing distributor in the area I have received over £200 in orders because some homes do not receive them from the distributor and have asked me to call back regularly. They are added to my customer base which is now in three figures. My volume profit is creeping towards the 13% target and I should receive an additional payment of £200, in addition to my weekly payments. I used to be a nurse and I can see my total monthly income being more that I would have been paid in that full time job. I am doing less hours, which I choose, can take my children with me and getting less grief than being on the wards!

Four and Five: Collected and delivered to a new area. Ordered £586 of goods and made a commission of £113. From this I invested in 100 Cabouchon jewellery catalogues at £10 and a retail pack which gave me 50 new and the four specialogues at £30 and 100 snappie bags which are on offer for only £2. So less all my expenses I am £145 in total profit after expenses.


I have now got an established pattern that involves one hour a day going out to deliver and collect the catalogues and orders. I only do 5 days a week, so including work done at home and internet ordering I'm doing about ten hours a week and my hourly rate of pay is probably about £15. This figure includes bonuses which are discussed further below. I know I could earn more if I deliver to more areas but I don't want to give up my other work as an artist so have planned a balance between work, leisure and family time.
Once a week I will blanket drop a new area to get more people onto my customer base. For this reason I shall invest money back into the business through buying more. This really does pay for itself within the week. I've got about 200 regular customers now and shall keep building this up.
Sent in an order for £442 worth of goods, from which I earnt £120 commission. I invested in another retail pack of 50 with specialogues for £30 (discounted from the normal price of £33) and 50 Cabouchon jewellery catalogues at £5 to help me go round new areas quicker and more methodically.
Next week I get an end of month bonus which I estimate to be over £206. This will take my first month commissions to over £454. Not bad for a part time job and will come in handy for Christmas.


Ordered £620 worth of goods from which I earnt £130. I invested in some more snappie bags to protect them during this spell of wet weather which cost £4. This brings my first 28 days earnings to £578. Taking off expenses and start up costs this is a profit of £353 in my first month. This does not include my end of month bonus which I should learn about in a few days but should be over £200 bringing my 28 day earnings to over £778 and profits to over £553 and I am still only part time.

My first month's 28 day bonus was paid directly into my bank account. The 28 day bonus was £212 so my first month's earnings was £790. If I take off expenses then this still give me a profit of £565.

HQ sent me a cheque as an example to show others of my earnings. I shall put a photo of my first cheque in this article soon.


Ordered £580 worth and received £122 commission. I invested £2 in 100 carrier bags because they are bigger and stronger and now cheaper than those I bought at the cash and carry. Received a free retail pack worth £33.

My earnings are now £912 which equates to a profit of £685. I still only do 10 hours a week due to other employment and family commitments.

My credit limit was increased to £1000 to help me process more orders which should mean I can earn a bit more each week and get orders to my customers the same week.


Ordered £595 worth and received £125 commission. I invested in £2 worth of snappie bags to protect them in the winter. Earnings are now £1037 which equates to a profit of £808.


Took advantage of the flexible hours and took a week off to do some art commissions.


Ordered £534 worth of goods and received £113 commission. No expenses this week so my Earnings are now £1285 which equates to a profit of £921. I also received my 28 day bonus which was £137 which brings my total profit to £1058 for my first two month's doing on average 10 hours a week with the occasion week off.

I won't publish any more earnings, unless someone asks to see longer term figures. I hope the above demonstrates that it does work and is such a good earning opportunity from a small investment.

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