Customer Complaints

Advice on how to complain for profit to companies and services to get a refund and cash or voucher compensation payments from customer complaints letters:

Customer Complaints How To Complain About Bad Service

If you have a genuine criticism against a company, service or manufacturer then do not keep it to yourself - contact them by mail, e-mail or telephone and tell them about it. When thinking how to complain about bad service do always keep it objective and professional, outline it, what you would like them to do and then ask about compensation. Most companies will happily pay something when they receive genuine customer complaints, even if a token £10 or £20 in shopping vouchers for genuine concerns. Some companies like such letters of complaint because it keeps them in touch with consumers and helps them tweak their products or provides direct consumer feedback.

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How To Complain About Bad Service

Do keep and provide the company or manufacturer with a proof or purchase like a till receipt, the packaging from the product or the item itself if it will not perish. If you are able to then send them these items, or at the least write the barcode and any reference numbers. It is acceptable to do this if the items will perish in the post or would be dangerous or too heavy to send by mail and should not affect how to complain about service problems.

Example Of A Complaint

As an example of a complaint letter, I purchased a frozen cake for a friend and family BBQ. It was the largest cake in the freezer section of a large store. The box was huge and the picture on the packaging suggested to me that it would serve at least 8 people. When I opened the gateau as the barbecue was lit it was anything but a large cake. It fed four people and I had to go the local shop and get replacement cakes for my other guests. The original cake was padded out in the large box and I felt this was deceiving. I wrote a complaining letter directly to the manufacturer, using the address on the box, explaining how I thought the cake would serve at least eight people from their photo and the size of the box. I described the disappointment I experienced and the inconvenience and further expense of having to buy another brand of cake. I suggested to the manufacturer that other people could be confused by the product and asked if they could offer me compensation for my inconvenience and to restore my faith in their product. I received a lovely apology a week later, with a cheque for £20 for my inconvenience and a further £10 in shopping coupons to try more of their products. A genuine grievance and a rewarding compensation. I'm pleased to say that the next time I bought the product the packaging was changed and looked less deceiving. I remain a satisfied customer and my family and I continue to buy and enjoy their cakes.

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Complain Letter

I've done the same for other problems I have experienced with products and services and have always received shopping vouchers in value from anything from £3 up to £100. I've also received cheques and replacement products. In some cases these have been for a year's supply of the items. So do leave cupboard space!

I do not want to come across as a professional complainer from this complaint letter example but I really do recommend sending an e-mail, letter or making a phone call to complain about genuine problems. Any customer should not simply accept bad service or an item not fit for purpose. You will usually be rewarded for bringing matters to companies attention and they can learn from the feedback in your customer complain letter.

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The opposite works too. If I have been pleased with a service or product I often write to the manager, owner or director, praising the experience or product. I will outline the positive aspects and finish by saying I look forward to trying the experience or product again and that I shall be recommending it to all my friends and family. I may write that I have already shared the product with a friend who now uses the product and recommends all her friends. Companies love praise and to see their product grow in popularity. Many a time I have been rewarded by a lovely message back and free samples, free money off coupons and gift vouchers. A nicer way to get free products than writing complaint letters.

Tips For Complaining

Do take the time to write or type out a customer complaint letter if you can. It's easy to phone call and e-mail but a letter will stand out and look more genuine and professional. Other tips for complaining include:

Try and address it to a person or department.

Use a spell checker and format it formally.

Include your address and telephone number.

Keep all correspondence professional and subjective in your how to complaint letter.

Be prepared to quantify grievance and provide proof of purchase.

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