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Virgin Vie At Home cosmetics allow you to sell their goods at home, doing organised parties, online at a website they help you create, from door to door or to friends, family and work colleagues. Such agents are called consultants. You can easily become a one, joining over 10,000 working throughout Britain since 1997, and earn extra money through part time work. It is also possible to work full time and earn a good wage. Whichever way you choose the advantages are that you can work your own flexible hours and it can be done in between other jobs or commitments like looking after your children, caring for a sick relative, studying at college or university, etc. You'll meet new people and get out and about.

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Virgin Vie Cosmetics

In addition to the commission wage, consultants are rewarded for selling Virgin Vie make up with bonuses and incentives which range from jewellery, products, and skin care, through to cars such as a BMW and a Mercedes CLK 320 Convertible and even paid holidays to exotic countries and cities like Thailand, Dubai, Barcelona and New York. Each holiday is a five star lifetime treat to reward consultants for outstanding sales performance and recruitment initiatives.

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People trust the brand which was set up by Sir Richard Branson so selling is easy. Women love cosmetics and a bargain and will find both with the products. They won't have the hassle of going shopping and will have fun choosing from the brochure; especially at parties that you can organise in a local pub, village hall, houses, work places, etc. The philosophy of the company is the desire to be different with better quality, service and value. You can easy be part of this and earn a good wage whilst having fun along the way.

The person who allows their home to be used as a Virgin Vie Cosmetic party venue is called a hostess. They get a free facial or make over and free gifts worth 15% of the total party order.

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Customers can also shop online, at your website that you will have help setting up. That way you get the commissions whilst customers benefit from free delivery, special discounts and even gift wrapping.

Once you have become experienced you can earn extra money by introducing new members to the company and helping to train and support them in their new role.

Cosmetic Work

To get started with cosmetic work you will need to buy a starter kit which costs £60 if you just want to work as an extra Christmas job, or £120 for full or part time. This can be added to your income tax expense sheet and the costs are quickly recouped when you start working and get into a profit. The costs can be spread over two payments thirty days apart with post dated cheques which won't be cashed until the dates written on the cheque. Other expenses include a once off public liability insurance cover which is especially important to protect yourself against any claims for damage or injury at public places like local pubs and village halls.

The company ask you to commit to earning £500 in sales within your first two months. Though this is easy to achieve and most find that an average party will raise about £250.

There are examples of success stories of real people who have earned money either full or part time at their website. The url is at the end of this article. These people range from single mums, married couples, teachers looking to earn an additional income after work, students and even people who wanted to become self employed and choose their own hours and be their own boss.

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Virgin Vie Make Up

They also have stores and shops in high streets throughout Scotland and England which include Edinburgh, Glasgow, Regent Street in London, Eldon Square in Newcastle and Meadowhall in Sheffield. There are also outlet stores at Livingston, York Outlet Village, Street Clarks Village in Somerset and the Springfields Retail Outlet at Spalding Lincolnshire. Job opportunities may be available at these areas. Customers can see over 300 products and receive a free make over, skin care consultation and seek advice from their expert staff. If you live nearby you can tap into this expertise and get advice to help you sell at parties and get make up and cosmetic advice.

Keep some samples so that customers can try items before they buy - they are more likely to purchase an item if they can trial it. The cost of these samples can be added to your expense sheet.

Learn as much as you can about make up and cosmetics. The more knowledgeable you sound the more likely you are to sell more items because people trust your advice. If you can give beauty advice to someone and help them feel more comfortable with the way they look then they will gratefully spend money on what you recommend. Read as many make up books as you can and even consider going on beauty care course such as ASET Beauty Therapy or the home correspondence course BTEC Make Up Artist.

Income earned should be declared to the tax office on your annual self assessment form. You can offset this with expenses such as travelling costs, mileage, car maintenance, office equipment and stationery, etc on your income tax sheet.

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Telephone Number: 0845 3008022.

You will then need to give your details including your address and phone number so that a local manager can contact you. Do also request their free catalogue so that you can get a head start by familiarising yourself with the products and accessories.

Popular items and brands in the range include One Step Face Base, Out of the Shadows, Dream Spa, Behave and Be Glossy, Sports Lash, Stay Calm and Powder Sunshine.

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