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Delivering catalogue jobs where you can make money in delivery and distribution:

Kleeneze Brochure The key to successfully earning from delivering catalogue jobs and selling items is to build a customer base. This and other pages in the findextrawork website will give distributor's hints and tips to help you build up a bank of customers who will enjoy ordering from each brochure you deliver direct to their home. Examples include working for Kleeneze and Betterware.

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Catalogues Delivery Jobs

The first piece of advice is to enjoy your catalogues delivery jobs. People who love their work are more successful. It shows in their body language, the way they communicate to customers and their positive can do attitude. So wear a smile each day! Customers love to answer their door to a well presented smiling person. Don't overdo the charm, but do get the balance right between showing an interest and treating them as a person. Some people may not get many visitors and will enjoy shopping from you not just for the convenience, but to have a chat with someone. Make time for small talk.

If you do a delivering catalogue job because it allows you to take your baby around with you then let people coo over her. If you take your dog then let them make a fuss. If they answer the door holding a baby then make a fuss and say how beautiful it is. Admire a new hair cut or comment on how clean their windows are - gives you an excuse to introduce the latest Kleeneze window shine product. Find an "in" and make the customer feel important.

Respect the customers property by closing gates, don't jump over fences, don't drop any litter in the garden or the street.

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Delivery Jobs

Make the selling from catalogues more personal during delivery jobs - repeat your name at every opportunity. If you are local make sure the potential or existing customer knows it. Put your name and address on any paperwork, slips etc. Talk about local news, but try and avoid negative gossip. Stick to topics like the weather, the local bingo event or school drama.

Get your face recognised around your town or village when delivering catalogues. Go to as many local events as possible like fetes, fairs, table top sales, school events, charity fund raising occasions etc. Be known locally as the Kleeneze, Avon, Betterware lady or man. If you bump into your customers then stop for a chat.

One really clever piece of marketing that I have seen recently from a Kleeneze distributor was a small slip of paper added to the pack with a photo of the agent with a small thank you note. It thanked the customer for the order, hoped they would continue shopping and explained that though other agents may work her patch she hoped they would continue with her service and added her name and phone number. This was a great way to build up loyalty.

When you post it through the door always put the most attractive page, best selling item or cheapest item facing out of the protective clear plastic folder so that it attracts the attention of the householder as they pick it up from their doormat.

Make them want to open the package - we put a free pen, embossed with our website, into each. The home owner feels great about getting a freebie and this has increased our order ratio. Everyone finds a use for a pen and we get further advertising each time it is used.

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Catalogue Distribution Jobs

It is important that you keep every package the same, so that the customer starts to recognize your books. We suggest that you put the main book at the front of the protective clear bag, with the call back slip and the best specialogues ie the seasonal one (such as the Xmas brochure) or the Cabouchon jewellery to the other side with the order form showing.

Do consider buying more so that you can get more out and about during catalogue distribution jobs. More weekly or monthly orders means more commissions and a better chance to meet performance bonuses and your monthly volume profit bonus. Work with at least 200 - more if you can afford to buy them. Remember this is an expense and should be put on your expenses sheets and forms against income tax. Invest in your round and you should see an increase in commissions.

Make yourself presentable but casual - some people may be put off if you appear in a suit, best dress or a smart outfit. If you only wear specific clothing for your catalogue distributing jobs then you can claim this as an expense on your self employment accounts. As well as making yourself presentable do deliver well kept brochures which a customer will enjoy flicking through and may order from better than a tatty or torn one. Consider buying special carrier bags that you can get printed with your website url or buy from the company you represent. Kleeneze sell these along with other material and products to help you expand your business and maximise your earning potential

Catalogue Distributors

Do keep returning to customers unless they ask you not to, even if they seldom or do not order. It will be worth it if after several visits they grow to know and trust you and then become a regular client. This is why many catalogue distributors earn anything from £300 - £500 in their first few months. Most achieve bonuses in their first four weeks in the business. However, this soon increases in time to much more.

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Resist giving up at this stage. Put the effort and hours in and you'll reap the rewards. As they start shopping your efforts will be reward with increased profits and commissions. It is normal for employees to get average commissions for a few months and then have to wait about 6 months for their first bonus payment, but when they start getting one they often get regular bonuses in addition to their commissions. Over a year this soon mounts up - it is all about building a customer base - and more importantly looking after them. So always make sure you arrive when you say you will, deliver as promptly as you can, keep smiling and being polite and look after those customers like they are a prize possession.

A practical piece of advice I would like to share with you is to look after your back. They can be heavy. Kleeneze provide a nice bag in your starter kit. It holds about 72 brochures - but gets heavy. I use an old toddler buggy and strap in a large box which holds the brochures which I place in their protective plastic coverings the night before. You can also buy a tartan cloth covered shopping trolley from shops like Argos. These have the added advantage of being waterproof and having additional pockets and storage areas for your call back or missed you slips and extra order forms. Or use a strong easy to carry sports bag. I’ve even heard from distributors who have made use of Morrisons, Tesco or Asda shopping trolleys - but I would not advocate taking one of these - this is theft and you really want a reputation as an honest person, not the sort who steals a trolley from a supermarket. Besides these are so noisy when pushed on the average pavement. Best to buy something with quieter wheels and put the cost on your expense sheet.

Always remain positive, even through periods of few orders - it will pick up again. Try and put a positive spin on anything you say to your customer. For example do not say that an item is out of stock, even if it is! Instead tell the customer the item has been really popular because of...and state some unique selling points of the item that will be of unique and personal benefit to the customer. This will make them want the item and they will be prepared to wait. You don't loose the order and the customer stays happy. It gives you another reason to return to your customer and build up a long term seller buyer relationship.

A tip I learnt by good fortune is to build an identity that people looking out of their window or passing you in the street can recognise. That way if they want a brochure because their neighbour or friend has recommended the service they can stop you and request one. I’ve been recognised from my blue Kleeneze bag, the buggy I push containing them, my dog, my children and even my bright red jacket!

The examples below can be copy and pasted into Microsoft Word or Works and changed to suit your style and then printed off to insert into each or to give to customers when you collect their orders. Copy and paste on word so that you can get 3 or 4 to an A4 page to save on paper and ink.
If there is a specific instruction or advice you want to make clear to your customers then highlight this with a yellow coloured marker pen. For example when we blanket drop a new area to build up a new customer base we highlight the "please leave it on your doorstep in the plastic bag to be collected" section because it saves a great deal of time and we get a higher return which we can re-issue to more potential new customers.
Do add your contact details to help personalise them and so that customers get to know you:


Example Of A Compliment Slip

I am pleased to enclosed my Kleeneze cleaning products and Christmas catalogue. I hope you enjoy browsing through the products.

I will return on {Insert a Day rather than a date so that you can reuse these to save on ink and paper costs} to collect it. If it is not convenient please leave it on your doorstep in the plastic bag to be collected.

Delivery of orders will be within 7 - 14 days. You will not have to pay for any items ordered until I deliver them at a time to suit you. All items have a money back guarantee. Please make cheques payable to Kleeneze or have the correct change ready.

Thank you.

{Add your name, address, telephone number, e-mail or website here}

I shall be delivering a new one every 4 weeks. If you would prefer not to receive any more then please tick the box below: {This will give customers an incentive to return it rather than throw it out. It will save you time in the future from not having to deliver a brochure to someone who does not want them}.


Example Of A Thank You For Your Order Slip

Thank you very much for your order. I anticipate delivery in 7 - 14 days time.
{Add your name, address, telephone number, e-mail or website here}


Example Of A Missed You Slip

Sorry to have missed you when I called to collect the Kleeneze catalogue. I shall call again tomorrow morning. Please feel free to leave it on the doorstep to save me disturbing you.
{Add your name, address, telephone number, e-mail or website here}


If you can reduce the time wait then do change these timings on your slips. Customers will value getting their items much quicker and it will help reduce the incidence of people changing their mind on buying the item because they have spent their money or purchased the item elsewhere.

Read the working for Kleeneze page for more distributor's tips.

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