Deliver Leaflets

Get paid to deliver leaflets and flyers for money and earn extra cash from these drop distribution jobs:

There are companies who will give you payment for delivering flyers, letters and brochures in local areas. This is known as door drop marketing and a common example of being paid to deliver leaflets is the free weekly newspapers that are distributed in some areas. Other examples can be local advertising such as pizza or chip shop take away menus, regional advertising such as an event or a national campaign.

Deliver Leaflets

Such campaigns help the companies to build up local awareness of a brand, service or product and generate an immediate and then long term residual response to their outlay. It is also a great way for you to earn extra money leaflet delivering.

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Delivering Leaflets Jobs

Some companies will tender this deliver leaflets work out to the Post Office and the local postie will have the additional effort of putting one to each household. However there are still opportunities for individuals to earn cash from this.

Companies who organise mail drops can usually be found advertising in the local newspapers, usually in the jobs sections. The local employment centre may also advertise such delivering leaflets jobs. Offices that create such brochures and flyers may be able to help you get in contact with people who organise and pay people to door drop marketing material. The local take away outlets may even hire staff to drop menus from door to door.

Larger companies who do this full time may be able to offer you a greater amount of employment and possibly even give you your own regular postal sector.

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Leaflet Delivery

Leaflet delivery will mean a lot of walking so you'll get fit and probably lose weight or tone up your leg muscles.

You will get paid to deliver leaflets, though not a lot as this is unskilled and needs no qualifications.

Another option is delivering catalogues. We do this part time in between our other freelance jobs. There was a small investment to buy the business kit (£75) but we have seen this returned quickly in the profits we make. Read more on the first of the working for Kleeneze pages.

You can generally choose your own hours within a date time schedule. It may suit parents whilst their children are at school, or parents with children who are not with them and can accompany them. It may also suit a retired person wanting to get out and about, get some fresh air, meeting people and earning a small payment.

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Leaflet Drop

Some people may object to getting what they consider to be junk mail when you leaflet drop.

Payments are usually small and as it is casual you will not receive benefits such as sick or holiday pay from jobs delivering leaflets.

Income earned from leaflet drops should be declared to your local tax office on your self assessment form. You may be able to claim travelling expenses against the tax.

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Flyer Delivery Jobs

Many of the flyer delivery jobs are casual work and may even be cash in hand. This may sound beneficial but it does leave you open to a number of scams, the most common of which is not getting paid. Some may even offer a profit share or sales commission based on the number of respondents or sales that are brought back.

As an example of delivering leaflets jobs estate agents may employ you to leaflet drop a town or village requesting home owners to get in touch if they want to sell their home, flat or bungalow. If they sell a house as a result of your many hours spent then you get a commission from the house sale. This sounds great considering that most homes sell above £100,000 but can it perhaps be a scam rather than a way to earn? How will the estate agents track your sales and know that the person selling their home came from your leaflet? Can you trust the estate agent to pass on the commission if the homeowner kept the leaflet for a few weeks, months or even years and then approached them to sell their home? Perhaps it would be better to get a flat rate hour of pay when you deliver flyers for money or a set amount of payment per number.

Leaflet Distribution

Other companies that may reward you for leaflet distribution with a cut in the commission of a sale could include those selling double glazing, conservatories and other home improvements. Some pay you for a lead, ie someone phones up or appears at the office requesting more information as a result of your efforts.

I’m not sure if these are scams and some may like to take the chance upon this type of opportunity because of the potential high rewards. You should agree some type of employment contract and investigate how customers will be tracked back to you with reference numbers, rates of commission of a lead or a sale and what quantifies a lead so that you do get paid for delivering leaflets.

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