Medical Drug Trial Volunteer

Get paid to test drugs and new medical treatment with health care trials. Information about how to apply for research studies as a volunteer, what you may undergo and the benefits and disadvantages

Medical Drug Trial Volunteer Those who medical drug trial volunteer get rewarded for their time and may have expenses like travelling.

There is the financial incentive because you get paid for testing drugs and undergoing trials. Some do the research and work with doctors, pharmacists and scientists because they want to give something back to the National Health Service, perhaps because a family member or themselves were ill and received excellent treatment. Others want to help find a cure for specific illnesses and diseases or are testing new medication in the hope that it will help an existing condition. Many are doctor and nursing students who fund or supplement their grants for their courses and studies.

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Paid Research Studies

A clinical trial volunteer should apply at their local hospital or teaching college or university for paid research studies. These UK clinical research organisations establishments will follow ethical and strictly-regulated UK clinical trials procedures. This will give you the assurance of close monitoring, comfort, safety, professional care and attention during any tests and procedures.

These paid drug trials UK establishments will follow strict guidelines, which also includes the equipment, having already undergone research and then a licence application being vetted and then granted from an Ethics Committee.

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Reputable ones will have publicly registered at organisations such as controlled trials.

The National Library for Health may have information about the therapy you may be asked to help test. Information can be accessed at

No qualifications or skills are needed. You will need to be aged over 18 and there is generally no upper age restrictions provided you are in good health.

You will need to undergo a general health check and examination, declare any medication or health treatment you are undergoing or have undergone recently. This may include pulse, blood pressure and heart rhythm checks.

You may need to stay in the area for several hours, overnight or even a few days. You will get free food and entertainment in addition to your pay. This insures your safety while you are testing a new pill for example. The scientists and doctors can monitor how your body signs change as the medicine works and how it interacts with certain foods or conditions.

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Get Paid To Test Drugs

The benefits when you get paid to test drugs is that you will be rewarded well and will be helping to develop new treatments and adapt existing science.

Drug Testing

The disadvantages are that some medicines and treatment have never been treated or tested on humans before. You may experience unpleasant or potentially dangerous side effects. However these are rare and there has usually been much testing of the treatment in the laboratories before being tested on live healthy humans. You will be in the care of trained professionals who will monitor your progress and health. Do ask questions and make sure you get a full explanation of what you are undergoing. Although you will have signed forms you should have the right to stop at any stage, though this may affect you payment as a medical trial volunteer.

Perhaps the most infamous phase one was that on 13 March 2006 for the German company TeGenero. It took place at an independent testing unit at Northwick Park Hospital in London. The code name was called TGN1412 and sadly the drug testers had a reaction within minutes of taking them. This lead to multiple organ failures and the trialists had to be rushed to intensive care. Such events are rare - over 90,000 people perform them each year and are considered safe.

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Medical Trials

Listed below are current medical trials vacancies. Please mention that you heard about them on the findextrawork website.


Incrom Europe plc has information about clinical trials for healthy male and females who are aged over 18 years. The Incrom clinical trials are held in London, England. More information can be found at the Incrom website at or or and choose the English language option. Alternatively telephone them on 020 7395 6042

The Clinical Research Centre at the School of Biomedical & Molecular Sciences of the University of Surrey at Guildford are looking for healthy men to investigate the effects of medication on performance and sleep. Applicants needed to be in good health and aged between 18 - 55 years. You must have had no allergies and have some free time. Successful medical trialists will be compensated for their time and travel.

This study had been reviewed by an independent ethics research committee and 100 medical trial vacancies are available.

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