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Information about UK DVD rental by post with pros and cons of renting them from websites, includes several online free trial offers

DVD DVD rental by post is a great way to relax after all the self employed work described throughout this site. This article will explain how it works, describe the advantages and disadvantages with tips and hints to make the most of your experience.

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Online DVD Rental

It first started in the UK in 2001 and in America in 1999 and since then many more sites and companies have introduced it along with streaming online. Most give a free DVD rental trial to entice customers to the pleasure and convenience. Most are for a set time like 2 weeks though some offer up to 3 months or give you a set number, usually about ten. The DVD free trials such as Amazon are worth doing so long as you remember to cancel before your trial membership runs out, otherwise you will be charged for your first month's membership and may have to agree to a minimum membership.

When you join dvd by post you will have to choose a password and username to gain access to a secure server. Then you choose discs from the range each website has. Most have over 65,000 individual titles in their ranges. This varies from recent cinema releases, children's titles, old films and TV programmes, television documentaries, etc. Most online DVD rental sites have a search facility and you can also browse titles by genre such as comedy, crime, drama, romance, sci fi, horror or documentary.

After you have chosen your selection of titles of films and discs you can set the priority to three levels: those you want to get as soon as possible, those you would like as they become available and those you'd like to keep on your list but are not too bothered about when you receive them. You can also request them before they are released and set the priority as high to receive them upon release. Quite often films are available sooner than they would appear on Digital TV companies like Sky TV.

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Postage is free when the discs are sent to you and when you return them. Each envelope has a first class stamp already printed on it so you simply put in the disc and drop it into your nearest post box. The discs go into a protective casing and then into the special envelope. So they do not get damaged when dropped into the post box or onto your door mat.

Unlimited DVD Rental

There are no late fees when renting discs and there are no time limits to return a disc. This unlimited DVD rental is quite useful if family members want to watch the film at different days or if your kids are like our children and love to watch programmes again and again. This is especially useful over school holidays and keeps them entertained for hours.

Conversely discs can be returned the same day after you have watched them if you are home during the day and you should get another title much quicker though some will limit the number you can get each month if they think you are abusing the system. This generally only applies to illegal activities like those criminals who get them to copy onto discs to sell onto other people. Normal home users need not worry about this. We get through anything from 5 to 15 discs a month from each company we use with no problems.

During the years we have been with several companies, since 2002, we have only had three discs go missing in the post. On each occasion we have immediately had a replacement disc sent out and never been charged for the lost disc. All we have had to do is report the disc as missing, allowing for four working days for late postage, and fill in a small form so that they can claim against the loss from the post office.

One disadvantage is that sometimes discs arrive scratched and damaged. This has only happened to us a few times. In each case all we have had to do is report the disc as damaged and sent it back. We then got a replacement and a few days extra onto our membership subscription.

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DVD Rental UK

Do try out the many free DVD rental UK companies before deciding which website you wish to join.

When you are ready to join do consider paying in advance because this can save you up to 20% on your membership fees. Alternatively you can pay monthly by direct debit to your bank account or credit card. This acts as a security test to ensure your home address is the same as your address registered with your credit card company or bank.

Some will permit you to rent DVDs at a cost per title, rather than the flat rate for renting 1, 2 or 3 titles at a time.

Free Trials Offers

It is no scam and is genuine free trials offers. They do this because they know you will love their easy to use service and go on to become a regular customer. By offering you a two week trial they can demonstrate that they can provide you with a regular supply of them to watch at home without having the trouble of going to a hire shop. They are delivered direct to your door, you post them back, you get some more - what could be easier!

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DVD Rentals

There are many advantages of online DVD rentals which include:
  • Wide range of titles.

  • Delivered direct to your door.

  • No late fees.

  • Damaged discs are replaced with no charge to you.

  • You can put your account on hold if you are going on holiday or will be away from home for a while.

  • It is cheaper than buying them and you do not have to worry about storage.

  • You can have up to 3 at anytime.

  • There is often a wider range than at your local shop.

  • Your list is automated and easy to manage.

  • Some also allow you to rent computer games for the PS2, X Box, X Box 360, PSP and GameCube.

  • Downloads available.

There are some disadvantages which include
  • Some discs do not include bonus discs or bonus features that would be available if you purchased it.

  • You do not get the box it would normally come in. So you miss out seeing the cover.

  • Sometimes providers will merge with another company. For example we were members of Screen Select for several years until they were bought over by Love Film. Fortunately our account was automatically switched over seamlessly with no trouble and we are happy members of Lovefilm.

  • If you want to watch a title again and again but have returned it you will need to keep adding it to your account. Though this only need take a few moments to do.

  • There may be a small delay during Bank Holidays like Christmas and Easter due to the postal workers being on public holidays.

So not any major disadvantages and the advantages really do outweigh the disadvantages and it is no scam - it is a win win situation and is a great way of watching the latest films, TV classics and your favourite movies and television programmes.

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For those who live in Ireland Lovefilm have a specific site for Irish visitors. This is called ScreenClick and can be found at www.screenclick.com

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