Free Books Sent To You

How to get free books sent to your home and where to read downloadable audio e- books

These free book offers will either be sent to you in the form of a traditional volume such as the Mills & Boon where you will receive two of their novels and a gift with no further commitments.

Free Books Sent To You

Others are available as a free downloadable e-book or as a Compact Disc. This article will describe where to find these and the pros and cons of these offers.

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Audio Books Free Download

Audible have over 11000 titles to download straight to you iPod, PC, laptop, Mac, MP3 player or PDA. You can also make a CD copy. If you like the audio books free download service you can join and get further ones. Titles are at least 30% off the recommended retail price (RRP). One advantage of Audible is that individual purchases can be made without joining the monthly membership.
Titles include Perfume: The Diary of a Murderer, The Ricky Gervais Show and novels from top authors like Ian Rankin or Stephen King. Comedy titles are available from Peter Kaye, Lee Evans, Billy Connolly, Russell Brand and Little Britain. Science fiction titles include Doctor Who, Nebulous, The War of the Worlds and Blake's 7. Whilst in the young adults selection children can listen to Just William, King Arthur and recent works like Eragon.

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Dystopian Zombies Novel Book Fiction

The Grampian skies are under attack from an enemy jet. It is spilling a strange yellow smoke. Minutes later, people start killing each other.
Former Royal Air Force Regiment Gunner Jason Harper witnesses this and then his wife, Pippa, telephones him, shouting that she needs him. They then get cut off. He sets straight out towards Aberdeen city, unprepared for the nightmare that unfolds during his journey. Everyone seems to want to kill him.
Along the way, he pairs up with fellow survivor Imogen. But she enjoys killing the living dead far too much. Will she kill Jason in her blood thirst? Or will she hinder his journey through this zombie filled dystopian landscape to find his pregnant wife?

The Fence is the first in this series of post-apocalyptic military survival thrillers from the torturous mind of horror and science fiction novel writer C.G. Buswell.

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Read Books Online For Free

It is also possible to read books online for free. For example at you can see a new one online each month and even see previously uploaded novels. Each is complete and you can click through by chapter and return at any time to pick up where you left or print off the chapters for when you are away from your computer. Other titles include historic romance, medical romance and modern romance.

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One last war novel

An army veteran moves his family into a village, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him. Who will win this One Last War?

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Free Doctor Who Ebooks

Another example of this is the official BBC Doctor Who website choosing the classic series option. Here you can see published work, some often rare to find, such as Lungbarrow by Marc Platt and some of the New Adventurers dating back to the 1990s such as Nightshade by Mark Gatiss. Visit to make your choice and enjoy your free online book. There are no disadvantages when using the free doctor who ebooks at the BBC site and there are several advantages like saving money - Lungbarrow sells for double figures on eBay because it is so rare to find, and getting up to date author notes and new illustrations. If you want to print it out you can choose a printer friendly text only version.

Do watch out for the crafty con of some how to get free books sites that allow you to see the first few chapters or even just the first chapter before the text stops. You cannot go any further until you have paid for the rest of it or download. The problem here is that you can enjoy the first few pages, get sucked in and want to know what happens to the characters and in the plot. Scam or service? There are several ways to look at websites who do this. They generally do this for unpublished authors to allow them to get published online, rather than in print in a real shop. Their work could be good and they perhaps have not found a good agent or publisher. Such authors have gone on to publish more as a result of selling their first online. They have either been seen by an agent or publisher or someone who has paid and downloaded their work and shared it with such a person.

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Free Downloadable Audio Books

In addition to the free downloadable audio books listed above it is also possible to buy discounted ones on the internet at various websites such as Listen2 who sell discounted ones and CDs with savings as high as 70% the recommended retail prices. The discs are sent to you by post and there is a wide range available with them read by top actors and actresses. A useful feature at the Listen2 website is the ability to hear a sound clip before choosing to make a purchase. Browse by category of fiction, crime, drama thriller, classics, children's and non-fiction. It is not a club and there are no future obligations. You just choose and buy and enjoy listening to your favourite volume on CD.

Free Audio Books

Some sites do offer free audio books in an attempt to secure your membership and commitment to buying a set number each month for a set price. As part of the agreement you may have to sign up for an agreed time. A bit like the clubs that were popular from the 1970s and still exist today. This is fine if you don't mind paying each month for a year and enjoy listening to a variety of them. But the disadvantage is that it can be costly. Far better to use a service like Audible which gives you a free downloadable audio book with absolutely no further commitment or strings attached.

Free e Books

There are some free e books available on the internet and authors provide these in the hope of being seen by a publisher or author, or just want to have their workenjoyed by others. They are usually well written grammatically thanks to spell checkers and grammar checkers but sometimes characters and plots leave you unfilled, though sometimes you can find a gem which leaves you wondering why this author is not more popular and has never been spotted. If you are a voracious reader and want a variety for enjoyment then do seek out these sites.

Book Clubs

Book clubs still exist and are great for people who buy more than one a month. You have to join for a minimum membership, usually at least one year, but you get free ones or vastly discounted ones at the start of your membership. For example you can choose three hard backs for a pound or three paperbacks for a penny are common example. Do watch out for delivery charges though which may not make this such a good offer. Some still have a monthly recommended title called the book of the month. You may have to opt out of this each month otherwise it will be sent to you automatically and charged to your account.

Book Competitions

Another option is to enter and hope that you win book competitions. Though the prizes are small in value your odds of winning are greater than higher value prizes such as cars or holidays because fewer people enter low value prizes. They can be found at websites like Penguin, Waterstones, The Guardian or Random House. An advantage of entering is you can read reviews at the same time and often you need to anyway to get the answer. Another advantage is that if you enter as many as you can find then you should eventually win and be sent titles you may not normally consider.

Book Reviewer

The last option we can think of is to become a book reviewer. You will receive them to review which you generally get to keep. There is more written about this on our get paid to review books page.

Whatever method you use do remember to go through the small print to avoid any hidden costs and enjoy your free reads.

Project Gutenberg

Distributed Proofreaders was set up to provide high quality e-books to Project Gutenberg at

These are available with no strings attached, to anyone in the world. These electronic versions of public domain books, ie ones on which there is definitely no copyright in the US and probably not anywhere else either. Earlier ones are in plain text format only, but later ones are in a range of formats. It does mean they are old, mostly pre 1923, and not all have had the quality checks that sites like Distributed Proofreaders put the text through. That said Project Gutenburg is a useful resource with a great range.

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