Claim freebies from the internet with this advice to get food samples, items for the bathroom, CDs and more online free stuff:

Freebies Samples Online

Over the years we have been claiming these and have received many items. This has ranged from downloads such socks, books, CDs, DVDs, beer samples, chocolate, sweets, food samples, tea towels, trials of DVD rentals and much more. This article will guide you through claiming them from resources like the internet and any pitfalls to avoid. There is a listing of them at the website which include popular ones such as the fluffy bug and 25 downloads.

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Free Stuff

There are several commercial reasons to why a company will give you free stuff online:

Brand Awareness

They may want to raise brand awareness - you try the chocolate bar sample and like it. The next time you see the chocolate bar when you go shopping you buy it. The company hopes you will become a regular customer and not only keep buying their brand, but tell others about it. It has only cost them one free product and hopefully you will continue to buy hundreds in your lifetime.

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Product Evaluation

The company may have a new product and will give it to you to try and then give your opinion. For example we received a bathroom air freshener to trial. We had to use it at least twice each day for one week. At the end of the week we were e-mailed an evaluation form. As a further incentive to complete the product evaluation form wewould receive a further reward of £5 to spend at Boots. The company get an honest opinion of their new product before they marketed it and we got a free sample and earned a gift voucher.

Contact Information Collecting

When you apply you may have to give certain information before you get sent it. This is commonly e-mail and mailing addresses and telephone numbers. In most cases you have to part with this information by completing an online application form. You will get something such as a free pen - but in exchange you may have to agree to get sent information such as a monthly newsletter. Most freebie hunters (the nickname for those who do collecting full time) will have a separate e-mail address that they use exclusively to give out to contact information collectors. This way they can avoid spam mail in their personal e-mail account. Sadly some companies and websites that give out free things may not only collect your details, but they will also sell your details and any other information you may have given out to other companies. These companies will then mail you all sorts of offers and information. This is a risk you take when you claim, especially online freebies, and have to really assess whether it is worth giving out your details just to get something like a condom or a shampoo sample.

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Freebie Viral Campaigns

A viral campaign is something that attracts visitors and is then sent to others. For example a website may put a funny cartoon onto their website and after you've watched it you can sent it to your friends e-mails. The company hopes your friends will then watch the cartoon, which usually has an advertising message, and then send it to their friends. On it goes and hopefully keeps repeating the process.

A freebie viral campaign works in the same way - you get something such as a baseball cap or a t shirt with a website address written on the garment. To claim the clothing you must give out 5 e-mail addresses of your friends. You get the clothing item and they get an e-mail asking them if they want one too. They give out another 5 e-mails etc. There is also the additional advertising when everyone wears the garment.

Free Sample

Don't let this put you off claiming though. Now that you have a better understanding of why companies give them out you can use this to your advantage to get them without spending any money and avoiding some of the pitfalls.

Do get yourself a separate e-mail account such as hotmail for your feee samples.

Read the small print carefully when claiming and untick or tick the box to come off any mailing list when you apply. These are often hidden right at the foot of a page. You may need to read the small print in the website disclaimer or privacy policy.

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If an offer looks too good to be true then it probably is. Sadly no-one is going to give you am iphone for a few seconds work filling out a form.

Do trust leading product websites. They genuinely want you to try their new washing powder or breakfast cereal and will gladly send you these freebies samples.

If a website looks badly constructed, has lots of spelling and grammatical errors, bombards you with downloads or pop ups you should ask yourself - "Do I trust this website with my information and are they really going to send it to me?" The answer could well be no. If a website has enough money to send out thousands - why haven't they spent the same amount of money developing a profession looking website? The answer could be that they have nothing to give out and only want your details.

Follow the advice of the offers. For example some reputable and excellent magazines will give you the first edition or a couple of copies for nothing. If you cancel within a set time you will owe them nothing. You can even get to keep the items such as DVDs that came with the free trial issues. If you miss the deadline you could find that you are now subscribed for a year of magazines.

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