Free Dog Food Samples

Where to get free dog food samples and puppy freebies from the internet

Free Puppy Food Samples

The best thing about home working and being self employed is being able to spend more time with our dogs! So we thought they should not be left out and should have a page. This article will explain the pros and cons of applying with a list of where to get them sent directly to your door.

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Dog Freebies

Before we share places and websites that offer dog freebies let's just look at the reasons why companies and manufacturers give away free samples of dog food.

The major reason they will give you a free sample of dog food is in an attempt to get you to continue to buy their brand. So if a company like winalot can secure you as a customer and your pet lives for 10 to 18 years that is a large quantity you will have bought. The price of the free dog food sample is small compared to the many years of regular profit. There is nothing wrong with this and it is certainly not a scam or con, just clever marketing and advertising. The advantage to the owner is that his or her pet can try out various ones without having to pay for different brands and flavours whilst trying to find out which brand or flavour is best suited and favoured. This also gives you a chance to assess if your pet prefers dry or wet canned. This certainly saves the owner a bit of money and reduces the waste of buying a large packet. They tend to be enough for one or two meals to give the animal an opportunity to get a taste of the product.

Free Dog Food Samples

When you both do find a brand and type that suits your spending budget and the taste buds of your animal you could consider getting your supplies delivered to your door to save you carrying it home from the supermarket. There are often discounts available.

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There are not many disadvantages of applying other than getting sent newsletters by e-mail and pamphlets through the post. Though these can be advantages because many of these mailings contain useful educational information and some often contain money off coupons and treats. Your spaniel, dachshund, setter, collie, greyhound, jack russell, pointer, labrador, etc will love these extra treats. Others have regular competitions and we were pleased to win a Bakers blanket one year which our Retriever loves in her bed and won't let the German Shepherd sleep on! She gets nudged off it until she moves!

Other benefits of being on a mailing list is the example of Pedigree. We joined their website mailing list years ago and each Christmas they send a coupon to our West Highland Terrier for a Pedigree Jumbone turkey flavoured chewy bone which she enjoys on Christmas Day. Though the disadvantage is we have to buy more for the other dogs so they do not feel left out when they see their Xmas stockings.

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Free Puppy Food Samples

Some manufacturers will offer new owners a free puppy food samples pack. These are great because they contain specialist treats which contain the vital nutrients and minerals needed for their growth and development. They often contain a puppy toy and booklets with information about training, vaccinations, worming, exercise, health care, etc. Many veterinary practices are given these from reps such as Eukenueba and Hill's Science and will happily pass these onto new owners. If they can get the puppy eating their items at an early age these manufacturers know they have a customer for life.

We have already mentioned the local vet. Another source is to visit the websites of the different brands such as Pedigree Chum, Pal, Bonus, Bounce, Burns, Beta, Ceasar, Iams, Purina pro Plan, Wagg, Hero Wafcol, Frolics, etc. These sites often have links and are happy to send owners them. Sadly professional freebie hunters who look for as many as possible have spoiled getting these by over applying. So some sites have overcome this by asking you for some information about you and your pet and may e-mail you or telephone you to get further information about your animal before sending you items. Do not let this put you off though, they will be happy to send them to real owners.

Dog Freebies

Free dog food samples are a great way to introduce your pet to new brands and flavours or to discover which one he or she prefers for their regular diet. This can save you money and they will be conveniently sent directly to your home.

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