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How to get free magazines, subscriptions and trial offers:

Free Magazines Subscriptions Trial Offers

It is possible to get a variety of these sent to your home address. This article will show you how to get free magazines.

Free Magazine Subscriptions

Many companies can offer their readers free magazine subscriptions because the costs of the writing, editing and publication are met by the advertisers. So if you do not mind articles and the photos accompanying each article being interspaced with adverts then this is an ideal way to get reading material. Though most readers will not notice the ads. They are probably no more than your normal paid publication that usually contains an abundance of adverts to subsidise the cost of the mag or newspaper, though in reality it makes the publication profitable and able to pay shareholders.

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The more subscribers that an editor or publisher can demonstrate then the more he or she can charge an advertiser. Most charge per estimated thousand of readers and an advertiser will happily pay for ads shown to hundreds of thousands of readers. The best way for an editor to ensure they get that many subscribers is to offer it for nothing. The editor still has to provide content and attractive photographs and images otherwise readers will unsubscribe and stop reading. Page impressions for online or printed copies being read will drop as will advert revenue.

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Free Trial Magazine Subscriptions

Another marketing trick from which you can take advantage are the free trial magazine subscriptions. This benefits the reader and the group in several ways. The most common is to offer an internet user a set number, commonly two, and then they can cancel before the next edition so that no charges are made. If the subscriber does not cancel the free magazine trial then they become a subscriber, usually for a year, and will have to pay for that year of subscription. Though these are usually at a discounted internet price and with offers like DVDs, books or CDs. Examples include The Week which offers you 6 editions to try out before choosing to buy a subscription or to cancel with no further commitment.

Some will offer anything from one through to three copies of the next editions for a set price, such as £1.

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Discount Magazine Subscriptions

If you know you do want to subscribe to a certain title then visit sites where you can save up to 25% off the newsagent and shop prices with delivery to your home, usually a few days before they go on the shelves for general sale. Most titles come with gifts. Discount magazine subscriptions include Heat, FHM, Garden Answers, Car, Practical Photography, Top Sante, Yours, Bike, Nursing Times, Zoo and many more weekly and monthly titles. Another similar website offer titles include Web User, Now, Marie Claire, Loaded, Chat, Essentials, Ideal Home, Practical Parenting, TV Times, Woman, Woman's Own and Woman's Weekly to name just a few titles.

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Free Car Magazine

An example of a free car magazine offer is an incredible 6 issues of Auto Express which has car articles such as reviews of the newest cars, road tests, motoring advice, etc for just £1 with no further obligation to continue if you contact the publisher before the end of your free trial subscription offer.

So why do publishers offer you a free magazine subscription?

It is an opportunity for them to show you how great their publication is and they hope that you will enjoy reading it so much that you will want to subscribe. A subscription form, usually with gift offers and a discounted price will come with it. Some may offer you a discount code to get your saving. This is no scam, just a genuine opportunity to read it in the hope of capturing you as a regular subscriber or even an occasional buyer from your local newsagent. Even at the discounted prices the publishers will quickly recoup their costs and make a profit from your first year's subscription and even from your lifetime reading of your favourite titles.

We have outlined the advantages and shall now look at the few disadvantages. The first is that you may forget to cancel the trial before the last free magazine offers edition. By accepting the offer you agree to cancel by an agreed time, otherwise you will have to pay the first year subscription. So overcome this disadvantage by writing in your diary when you should cancel and follow the publishers agreement by cancelling within time and by the correct method. Some ask you to communication by e-mail, letter or phone call. Whichever point of contact you have to use most reputable publishers make it quick and easy to cancel, rather than face many complaints. They would rather ensure you have a favourable customer experience making your feelings towards them positive rather than con you into a paid subscription.
Free Computer Magazine

A free computer magazine offer is Computer Shopper which offers it with a 26 piece tool kit for £1. Regular subscribers can go on to save 33% off the regular subscription price.

Trial subscriptions are a great way to try out new titles. Follow the guidelines to cancelling the trials and it won't cost you anything other than the agreed price such as a penny or a pound. If you decide you like it then you can further benefit from discounted subscription prices and gifts.

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