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Free to enter holiday competitions to win a trip abroad or in the UK:

Holiday Competitions Win Trip Prizes

This is a great way to relax and get away from it all, especially work, or to forget your troubles. The problem is they can be expensive, can be a pain to organise or difficult to choose - questions like should I self cater, have bed and breakfast or full board, should I go abroad or discover more about the UK? What hotel should I choose, which resort is best and which airline should I fly with? Well forget all these questions because findextrawork has the answer.

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Win A Trip

There is an alternative to buying one - do UK competitions and try and win a trip instead. Across the internet, in magazines and newspapers and on television and radio programmes there are many free contests.

For the price of some of your time to either fill in your details and to answer a question, which may require some skill or may be really easy, you could be flying off to an exotic location or journeying to an hotel stay in Britain. Even if you have had to buy a stamp or make a phone call, the cost of a stamp or telephone call is small compared to a vacation of a lifetime.

Do try and do those that require a bit of effort such as slogans since these usually attract fewer entrants and your chances are greater. We recently won a three course meal, theatre tickets and an overnight hotel stay by completing a sentence in no more than twenty words.

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Win a Holiday

The more you can enter the more chances you have. Day time TV shows often have contests for the viewers, daily newspapers like The Sun also have them. Internet competition sites and website portals will find them for you or list those from sponsors to save you searching the internet. You then only have to register at the websites to have your details remembered which enables you to quickly enter.

UK weekend hotel break competitions often appear in Sunday papers like The Sunday Post.

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Holiday Prizes

We have discussed the advantages and now we shall discuss some of the disadvantages of holiday prizes:

Try and avoid the premium rate telephone number ones unless you know exactly how much these type of contests will cost you. Reputable phone competitions should declare at the bottom of the entry form or TV screen how much it costs per minute or per phone call. It should also state how long the telephone call will take. A £1 a minute phone call may sound cheap but not if it takes 20 minutes to get through. Some dishonest competition promoters will keep you listening to a recorded message just to get a set amount of money per minute from you.

Some companies will buy or obtain lists of home telephone numbers and names. They will telephone call these people with a pre-recorded message congratulating and giving you a telephone number to ring to claim your prize. This will usually be a very expensive premium rate telephone number which will cost you by the minute to ring. The telephone call goes on and on and most people eventually hang up, others persevere until they cotton on and realise they have been conned or twig that they have never heard of the company or do not recall entering. Sadly most of these pre-recorded calls are a con and our advise is to hang up and never be tempted to call the number - after all most companies, TV programmes, magazines, websites etc that run competitions do so for publicity and will want to contact the competition winner personally to congratulate him or her and arrange it and publicity photographs and pictures.

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Win a Holiday Competition

Along with car prizes and cash prizes, win a holiday competition prizes are the most coveted and popular prize. So the number of people that enter them are high, running into the thousands and the hundreds of thousands depending on how it has been advertised. Some lucky person somewhere has to be successful and like the National Lottery say - it could be you!

Win Holidays

You may have to pay for your own insurance when you win holidays and there are several other costs which you may have to outlay - but it could be worth paying them if in return you get free hotel accommodation, flights and meals. For example you may have to pay airport taxes, travelling costs from your house to the nearest airport, taxi costs from the destination airport to the hotel, car rental, etc. Not much of a disadvantage really because you would normally have to pay these anyway for your own. It is best to check the terms and conditions or ask the person who is giving you the good news. Most honest promoters will either provide an all inclusive vacation and some even give you spending money or will provide details of any hidden costs so that you can budget for these and relax and enjoy it.

It can be fun and it can save you a lot of money. Avoid the scams and just do reputable contests to avoid the cons and if you get a trip or short break - have a great time!

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