Ironing Jobs

Work at home with an iron and washing machine by doing ironing jobs and laundry for cash payments with this free information

This is an ideal way to earn money at home for those who love to do it. Some will pay you to wash their clothes, bedding, etc. You can also earn by drying then pressing their clothing and bed sheets, duvets, pillowcases, etc. Such people may be busy and will appreciate someone doing these chores for them each week. Ironing work can be time consuming for them and they will pay someone to make life a bit easier - more so if the person can collect and deliver it. This article will discuss the pros and cons and give general advice to help you earn from doing other peoples laundry.

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Ironing Jobs From Home

If you love it, and many do, then this is the job for you. The heat of the iron and the smell of freshly laundered clothes are great! It may mean you are on your feet for several hours a day but it fits in well with those who need to be at home, perhaps for childcare reasons or in between caring for a relative. Do teach the children to stay away from the hot iron to prevent burns and to not play with it or spill their drink on it.

Ironing Jobs

Many professional ironers will do their job and fit in recreational activities like watching the television or DVDs, listening to the radio or music or getting together with other friends and doing it together and sharing the income. A bit like the olden days of going to the old steamie for a blether!

To do ironing jobs from home you do need to be a non smoker and have a house or flat that is free from smokers - no-one wants to have it back smelling of cigarette or cigar smoke.

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If you have access to a car and can collect and then deliver it clean and freshly presssed then you can charge a little bit more for services, or use this as a unique selling point to secure more. The easier you can make a service and improve the life of someone the happier they will be. They may then become a regular customer and hopefully will tell their colleagues and friends.

If you cannot drive or do not have a car then your unique selling point may be that you can arrange a convenient time for the person to drop off and collect their laundry. Most won't mind this - just make sure you never inconvenience them by not being in at an arranged time or not having the clean washing ready. It would be a good idea to get work, house and mobile telephone numbers and to give them yours.

If this is to be your regular or full time employment then you should consider getting some professionally looking business cards printed. Give your clients several of these cards. One for their notice board at work, one to keep indoors and one to pass onto a friend. The cost of these business cards can be offset as an expense on your income tax return as can the cost of petrol. Most will add 40 pence a mile to their expense sheet to cover fuel and maintenance of the car costs.

Laundry Jobs

Do check clothes for damage before you start laundry jobs. Check for shiny clothing that may have been ironed with too hot an iron and damaged the garment. This is especially common on shirts. Check each shirt and trouser garment for missing buttons. You could go that extra mile for your customers and inform them that you will repair any loose or missing buttons. If you can sew buttons and make small repairs to garments and prolong their life span then your customers will love you and continue using your valuable service. It may be an idea not to clean or iron a damaged garment and set it aside to show the customer that your laundering had not damaged the garment or bed sheets, etc.

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You will need a quality steam iron and know how to iron a variety of clothing and different types of materials. Do buy a comfortable board with varying height control. These can be offset as a tax expense though if you use them for personnel use you should only claim a percentage of the costs. You can also claim for the electricity and any extension leads you have had to purchase.

Some professional ironers will have a standard contract or agreement that covers limitations of garment damage. The client may agree to sign the form so that you will not have to pay for any damage caused by wear and tear, items delivered to you that were damaged, or accidental damage whilst in your care. Some professional ironers take out liability and damage insurance and you may like to consider this. If you are employed by an agency that provides you with customers and take a percentage of your income by return then they should provide this to you for free at part of their service.

Do be honest with your customers. If you have burnt an item through carelessness then be prepared to cover the expense of the item and give the customer compensation of an agreed sum of money. They will appreciate your honesty and continue to use your services. Alternatively agree to do the next load for free. This will give you another chance to prove to them that it was a one off accident and that you do a great job. It's probable that someone who is having it done, and some really hate this, won't complain about the odd article getting damaged - they are grateful not to have to do it themselves.

Agree to who provides the basket or bags and garment hangers. If you are to provide them then consider getting the coat hangers, bags and baskets branded with your business name and contact details. Others may see these and contact you. You should agree that the client return these to you to use again otherwise you may have to charge them for the products. The costs of buying the items and having your details printed can be added to your HM Revenue and Customs tax return expense sheets.

Ironing For Money

If people are paying you to do this they may also dislike or not have time to wash their clothes, towels, bed linen, tablecloths etc. They will pay a bit extra for the complete ironing for money service - laundry, drying, folding and pressing.

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You will need a good quality washing machine. If you find you have many loads and are doing it for many you may need to purchase another. You may also have to buy a tumble drier to dry the clothes if clients want it back quickly or you cannot dry the clothes outside on a line because of bad weather. The cost of these can be offset on your expense sheet to HM Revenue and Customs, though only a percentage of the costs if you use them for your family. Electricity and water costs can also be claimed.

Use quality powder or liquid with fabric conditioner. This will get the clothes lovely and clean, smelling nice and feeling soft. The better a service you provide the more return and repeat employment you will get. Don't be tempted to save money by buying cheaper products or using less than the recommended dosage of powder or number of liquid capsules.

A cleaning agency will have standard charges that they make to the customer. They normally bill them and send you a weekly or monthly payment.

If you are self employed then a standard charge could be £4 for a kilogram of washing and the same for doing the pressing. Some launderers and ironers will charge per item but this can eat into your time because you have to itemise each garment or bedding item and give the client an itemised receipt. There is also the disadvantage of customers who may not agree with the itemised statement. It is far easier and more sensible to charge by the weight of the laundry. Others may charge by basket or bag load. Choose a regime that you like and keep the charges and standards the same for each customer. Though you could negotiate discounts for returning customers.

Doing the laundry at home for others can be a great source of income and provides a valuable service. Income earned should be declared to the tax office on your self assessment forms. It can be a hard job but if you enjoy doing the laundry it won't be too much of a chore and will earn you extra money.

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An example can be found at the Ironing Service website which is run by Mark and Sue in Bristol. Together they not only make money from doing it for other people but also teach and support others with their form of franchise opportunity. Their business pack can help you make about £400 a month doing it part time, though more can be earned if you get enough customers and can do it full time. They suggest charging about £1.10 to iron a skirt, top, skirt or pair of shorts; £1.50 for a pair of trousers, jeans or a dress; Mark and Sue suggest offering a discount for over 25 adult items and charging 65p or 70p for children's depending on their sizes. Linen such as single bedding should start at £3 while Kingsize bedding to be ironed should be £4. They also charge 65p for small linen such as pillowcases, towels and napkins. Professional ironers should also make a negotiable charge for washing clothes and could offer free delivery and a £5 off a first order to help entice customers. Many who set up their own offer a first free trial service to help secure customers. They come to like the free time that this offers them and often continue to pay.

As part of this unique style of franchise business start up costs they will provide you with 500 leaflets that will be personalised to your new business so that you can leaflet drop your local area. More leaflets can be produced by yourself using their professional art or you can buy more of their ready made and customised leaflets. They will also provide you with business cards and even your own business website which they help you to search engine optimise to gain local customers from search engines like Google. This will be set up by them so there is no worries if you do not know how to build a website. By far the best service that Mark and Sue can provide is their hints and tips which can be read in their handy booklet.

You never know where it may take you or lead to. As a fun example the Guinness World Records cites an iron marathon by Daniel Peetz of Germany who ironed for 58 hours non-stop for charity donations. Guinness World Records also cites 86 as the most people to perform it extreme underwater. These were the National Diving and Activity Centre near Chepstow, Gloucestershire in the UK who extreme ironed for ten minutes.

We will end with a joke:

Mary steps into her flat and finds her husband Bob with both ears bandaged.

"Goodness, whatever happened to you dear?"

"I was pressing my shirt when the phone rang and I accidentally answered the iron!"

"Well that was a daft thing to do Bob, but why are both of your ears bandaged?"

"Well I had to phone the doctor!"

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