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Kleeneze Catalogue This is a network marketing company, based in the United Kingdom. They are part of the Findel Group and own the company Studio and Express Gifts and also trade in The Republic of Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands. They supply a wide range of household and health and beauty items to people via a network of independent distributors. The UK has many such distributors and are always looking for new distributors to join their team and start earning money.

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New distributors will benefit from the excellent reputation that the company, their goods and distributors have around the UK. They are well known for providing good value, quality items which are delivered direct to their homes.

They were the founder members of the DSA which is the Direct Selling Association. They are a governing body who protect both their customers and their distributors and are backed by the Office of Fair Trading.

Kleeneze is pronounced clean easy.

Health And Beauty Catalogue People find them an easy way to shop from home with a well respected household company name. They specialise in supplying a quality range of unique and innovative household, health, beauty and gift products direct to their door for free, through their network of independent distributors. The typical product is difficult to find in a store, and is designed to save time, space or work. The merchandise fall into a broad range of categories which are: homecare, laundry, kitchen, home ideas, bed & bath, garden & DIY, Xmas Gifts and health & beauty. Many are low prices and will appear attractively priced to many. This usually encourages folks to order several items and often tag on other items. They have over 1200 such items and call this low ticket items.

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They also have a jewellery range in their Cabouchon catalogues and outdoor and garden items in their Outdoor Life new catalogue for spring.

This article describes how you can gain work and see your earnings grow. Please do read this page before requesting the information pack because there is a great deal of important information which can help you decide if you want to invest.

Sell Cleaning Products

It allows you to work full or part time when you sell cleaning products and you can choose your own hours to suit your family and even other work commitments.

Training is provided and you will be allocated to a sponsor who will be available to support and train you. This is the person with whom you join and send your investment - join with us, Chris and Karla Buswell, and we will give you support to help you increase your earning potential. Click here for the joining page.

The delivering catalogue jobs tips will give you advice to help you increase your earning potential.

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Kleeneze Plus Catalogues Selling cleaning products is relatively straight forward and involves distributing the catalogues and specialogues to an area or areas of your choice and extending this to friends, neighbours and family. Eventually you shall distribute only to people who have bought from you, and this is called your customer base. You then leave the brochures with them to read through and collect them a couple of days later.

Much of the marketing material says that no selling is involved and to an extent this is true - people trust the brand and will happily pick the brochure off their door mat, read through the brochure, order items and leave the order form on their doorstep. All without seeing a distributor. Other people will prefer to give the order in person when you ring the door bell. They like the personal touch and this is your chance to do a bit of selling by promoting their items and the business opportunity, being polite and friendly and encouraging more orders. One major advantage of this home working opportunity is you get out and about meeting people.

Kleeneze Christmas Brochure These orders can be processed by post, fax or even via the internet on the website. There is a small charge of £7.50 for internet ordering (this is free for your first month) however, these items can be delivered to your home within 48 hours using Amtrak Couriers on a day of your choosing and then delivered to your clients much quicker. If you are out when the Amtrak Courier tries to deliver your parcels then they will leave a card through your door and give you a telephone number to rearrange delivery or you can go to the nearest Amtrax Depot, with the card which will have the address and opening times, and collect your boxes. These items are then delivered and you collect payments. There is no need for you to hold stock. You earn money on all the products you sell, including those for personal use. So the more you sell the more commission you will achieve, including tiered bonuses and bonus incentives like holidays.

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The average pay and commission you receive from each order is 21%. Volume profit bonuses and royalty bonuses will increase your earnings as you sell more cleaning products.

For example the volume profit is based on what you pay. It is worked on a multiplication by 1.175 of the product value to give you Bonus Points. The bonus points helps them make a standard for each currency for all the countries they operate in. These bonus points are added together for each 28 day period and your bonus payment is worked out. For example the 10% bonus levels are between £764 and £1527 (650 - 1299 bonus points). There are easy to obtain levels at 2, 4, 6, 8 percent and further incentives at 15, 18, 21 and 24%. These really can increase your monthly earnings from hundreds through to thousands of pounds - EACH MONTH!

They will help you in your first month by rewarding you with:
  • Free delivery on your first order, no matter how large or small

  • Free delivery on each subsequent order within your first 28 day provided it is over £150 (normally £250)

  • A Distributor Support Arena (DSA) made available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • A free gift when you place your first order of at least 300BP with two weeks of registration - ours was worth £20.

  • When you reach 650BP with your first 28 days you will receive one free Retail Kit worth £33 and containing 50 catalogues and specialogues.

  • A bonus payment of £1000 when you reach Gold and re-qualify at Gold for five consecutive periods.

  • After one year they will give you an anniversary incentive of three retail kits after you have worked and kept your account active and compliant for 12 months.

Please note those that in your first few weeks of working for Kleeneze you may earn an average of about 10% until you build up your customer base, get accepted and trusted by households in your local area and people stop needing to buy their cleaning products from supermarkets and start shopping from your catalogues.
The first few months may be hard work and many people give up - it is no get rich quick scheme - though with hard work good earnings can be made. Many do give up in the first few weeks. Do stick with it though - the bonus payments you can earn as your business grows will compensate you for the initial low earnings and far from being a failure who can become a success.

The work is ideally suited for those looking for part time work like students or housewives or husbands, those with young children and retired people. Many of the most successful distributors are husband and wife teams who do the work full time. The only qualification needed for employment is being aged over 18 years. No qualifications are required.

It is also suitable for people who already work full time but want a business that one day may allow them the freedom to give up their job. It is a perfect way to start up you own business without affecting your present job.

In addition to earning from selling cleaning products you can earn bonuses and more commission from sponsoring people to join as a distributor. Once the person has started work for their own business you gain a commission known as a volume profit. As you bring more people to the company you receive further rewards which are known as royalty bonuses. Your local distributor can explain more about this and give you further information about this long term earning opportunity. The more successful sponsors even get bonuses such as cars as a reward for their hard work.

Other benefits for the more successful distributors include invitations to exclusive conferences which are often held abroad in sunny climates like Rio de Janeiro and Mauritius.

Income earned should be declared on your annual self assessment form to your tax office. Expenses such as petrol, office supplies etc can be offset against these payments.

Kleeneze Starter Kit There is a start up cost to become a distributor, which is currently £75, but this can be offset on your expense sheet. This fee is to demonstrate your commitment and gives you your paperwork, demonstration videos and DVDs, catalogues and the specialogues, training and support manual, leaflets, shoulder bag, pin badge, pen and wall chart.

Don’t let this once off fee put you off. The earning potentials with Kleenze can be high if you are prepared to work hard. For example their marketing material suggest that if you delivered to 200 individual homes then you will make an average commission of £220. The items people buy are consumable and will need to be replaced weekly or monthly. So someone who regularly orders their cleaning materials and solutions from you could earn you some great commissions over a year.

Building A Customer Base

The key to successfully selling cleaning products is to look after your clients and gain regular buyers. This is known as building a customer base.

When you start your rounds it is normal to experience a loss of 10%. People may not realise they should be returned and will put them in the box, the paper recycle box or genuinely mislay them. They may have passed them onto a friend who hasn’t returned the books. Some people may leave the brochures on their doorstep to avoid you disturbing them. If it rains they may get destroyed if not placed in the protective bag you had supplied. We have suffered lose to the occasion dog who has torn it to shreds. These are all losses to consider. Replacement books are only £30 for 50 and you will also get in the pack 50 health & beauty, 50 Plus, and 50 specialogues. This package is known as a retail pack. So this gives you 200 books to distribute to 200 clients and the opportunity to deliver a different book or special on four occasions. This £30 expense can be declared on your expenses sheet and deducted from your income tax and forms an investment to your business.

However you will usually see an increase in profits and by the second round of distributing you will normally be in a profit. This will enable you to re-invest into your business by purchasing more brochures. This cost can be put onto your expense sheet and set against your profit when you do your annual accounting and declare your income profit to the tax office. Some distributors choose to buy more so that they can distribute far more in one area to save on travelling or to give people more time to browse through the catalogues. The more brochures you have in circulation the more potential orders and profit you will have. Do not be disappointed in your first orders from your first round. A profit of £1 per customer is normal, ie an average return of £1 a book is normal. So post 100 books and orders shall be around £100. As they grow to trust you and the cleaning products they will order more items. It is estimated that about 10% of households will become regulars.

When you come to deliver the Christmas brochure you will see your sales soar, so do look after your clients throughout the year. From about September through to the early weeks of December folks will love ordering the beautiful Christmas cards, wrapping paper, toys, games, stocking fillers, Christmas decorations, Santa novelties, candles, videos, DVDs, novelty Elf hats, Christmas cooking aprons, calendars, etc.

In the meantime concentrate on your customer base. Keep a good record of which homes place orders, which do not and which do not return the catalogues. You do not have to return to those who do not place an order or fail to regularly return the books. This saves you time to concentrate on those who do buy and saves money on having to buy replacements. You may wish to cross off people who already have a distributor so that you do not take the custom from a fellow agent.

Do return to each house at least 5 times though. This will allow for factors such a the household being fully stocked in cleaning products from a big monthly shop, not having expendable cash or being reluctant to buy from someone who they have only seen in the neighbour the once.

Do try and achieve a base of 100 people a week. You will soon learn how often each person or area wants to read your books and place orders. Normally this would be every 4 - 5 weeks. So you should try and build up over 400 individuals from different areas to achieve a good part time income. When delivering purely to customers from your customer base your order value per book delivered can increase to as high as £5 a book. Though don’t get comfortable - keep building to get the best profits and a great income.

This might sound like hard work, but in reality it isn’t. Distributing 100 catalogues may only take about 2 hours and a further 3 or 4 hours a few days later to collect them. Another hour or two should then be set aside to distribute the orders and collect payment. You will find it slightly time consuming in the beginning, but as people join your regular customer base and order frequently and you cross off homes that do not wish to order it takes less time. It then becomes normal to receive £5 profit from each catalogue drop. Your hard work, enthusiasm, politeness and motivation will then be rewarded.

Try to get a minimum order value of £250 before you ask for a delivery. This avoids any courier costs to you.

Ask customers to make cheques payable to Kleeneze rather than yourself. It is easier to handle and can be safely deposited to their bank account.

If offered a credit account do accept this. You will be able to manage your cash flow much easier. They will then deliver orders and allow you to handle the cash and take your own commission before paying them. So effectively you are paying yourself and are in charge of your wage! Most people are rewarded with an account after processing four orders or after eight weeks.

Sometimes people may change their mind about their order or want to take advantage of the money back guarantee. This will not cost you anything to return items, though it is only free once a month to return costs. Do save the items up and fill out a goods return note once a month. They will then credit your account before they receive the returns. Then all you have to do is book a return and when the courier driver comes with your order he or she will pick up your monthly returns free of charge.

You may wish to omit houses or flats with dogs because in our experience they get destroyed by aggressive dogs and you have lost the expense of a catalogue. However you need to weigh this up with getting a potential buyer and the income of an order or future orders so maybe you could find a safer place to leave the catalogues. In cases where we hear an aggressive dog we sometimes ring the doorbell to ask the home owner if they would like a catalogue. If the dog sounds too dangerous we just leave! Better a lost order than a lost leg!

What to Do Now? - Every new distributor needs to be sponsored by an existing distributor. The team behind Findextrawork (Chris and Karla) are distributors and you can contact us by email or letter using the details on the Contact Us page.

We will be able to help you build up your business and provide you with e-mail and telephone support if you buy your starter kit (minimum £75) from us. We would need your name, address and telephone number so that we can send you details of how to join. We can then send you an information pack to help you decide if you want to join. But hopefully you will have fully read this page and realise that with a little bit of hard work you can earn a decent income.

Do not let the initial investment put you off - it is not a scam nor a pyramid selling opportunity - those who work hard and follow advice will recoup this quickly and be earning. The initial investment is needed to pay for your brochures, paperwork, support manual, shoulder bag, etc. We will put our first few months earnings as an example of what can easily be achieved at the Catalogue Retailer Earnings Commission Advice page.

You have 14 days in which to cancel and get your money back from when you sign the UK Distributor Agreement or pay your £75 cheque.

Training can be done by distance learning, so don't worry if you don't live near our Peterhead, Aberdeenshire address. You can retail, build your customer base and sponsor anywhere in the UK, Ireland, Holland or Germany. If you do live near Aberdeen there are vacancies throughout the North East of Scotland for distributors and many areas like Mintlaw, Ellon, Stonehaven, Inverurie, etc do not have existing distributors, so you can earn extra money from having those waiting to shop from your cleaning products catalogues.

You will also need a passport photograph for your identity badge.

It was established in 1923 by Harry Crook, the then Lord Mayor, in Bristol England. He had a knowledge of brush making, which he had gained whilst working in America for the Fuller Brush company and began to hand make twisted-in wire brushes in the UK. His new product became a success and in just a few months there was a huge demand for these finely crafted brushes. Early distributors were called Boosters because they boosted the sale of the brushes. Within a few years Mr Crook was able to expand his business by purchasing a twisting machine. The company expanded and grew and by 1928 there was over 200 branches worldwide.

The company expanded and were soon selling household consumables such as polish. During the Second World War they changed production into a variety of war needs items.
Popular purchases in the post war period were Talcum Powder, Oatmeal Bath cubes and Chlorophyll Toothpaste. By the 1960s workers for the company became known as agents and were awarded self-employed status.

During the 1970s and 1980s the unique concept of Network Marketing was introduced to the UK and products were modernised. This saw the introduction and sale of cleaning items such as aerosol and car care items.

The 1980s saw a boom in home shopping and direct selling became an accepted and popular form of marketing. The hard work of agents saw the continued success of the company. This success continues into the 1990s and in this decade they re-launched its activities in the Republic of Ireland. Agents were then known as distributors and their numbers and sales figures have grown considerably.

New office headquarters were opened in May 2004 at their distribution centre in Warmley, Bristol, UK. This saw a move from their address of 75 years at Hanham, Bristol. The new offices were larger and more up to date and helped the company continue to grow.

In the same year they expanded into mainland Europe, first at the Netherlands.

They launched in Germany in May 2006 and sees the company thrive into the new Millennium.

In 2006 Findel took over. Studio catalogue are part of Findel.
The guest speaker of the 2007 Summer Sales Conference on the 23 June was three time Olympic medallist winner and motivational speaker Kriss Akabusi. Since leaving athletics and the media Kriss has founded The Akabusi Company and his presentation shared the secrets of his success.

Even the Grumpy Old Women on BBC2 love them! On Friday 3 August 2007 Muriel Gray and her other grumpy old women talked about catalogues and Muriel Gray spoke about how much she loved looking through the catalogue.

kleeneze how clean is your house In 2007 the cleaning products company were the sponsors of How Clean Is Your House with Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie. The cleaners use their cleaning products. So viewers see the TV advert at the start of How Clean Is Your House and further TV adverts at the commercial break of Kim and Aggy and at the end of the television programme. This has helped to spread the word of the opportunity and the cleaning products making it easier to sell and easier to get people to join as a distributor because the brand is now more of a household name and easily recognisable.

£1 million was spent on this brand awareness sponsorship. The How Clean Is Your House advert is said to reach 1.5 million television viewers.

Cleaning products that featured in the How Clean Is Your House Channel 4 adverts include the Chenille Cleaning Mitt, the Citrus Anitstatic Duster, the Extra Long Duster Buster, the Overdoor Iron Centre and the Eezee-Orange Wood Cleaner and Polish. The first How Clean Is Your House TV advertisement appeared at 8pm on Thursday 17 May 2007 on Channel 4. The ad campaign will be followed through with a website and special How Clean Is Your House leaflets, catalogues and future PR releases and ad campaigns on national radio.

This was their first high-profile TV campaign and reached new potential clients and distributors. The video clips that featured cleaning products showed how they make life easier. The adverts were shown at the beginning of How Clean Is Your House? and at the beginning and end of each ad break and then at the end of the programme. Rather than selling the product and letting the viewer buy direct they wanted the sponsorship to raise the brand awareness so that distributors could benefit from local sales. With four mentions of the brand on a prime time TV show distributors benefited, especially as How Clean Is Your House? with Kim Woodburn and Aggie McKenzie ran for four three months and 12 episodes.

The catchphrase strap line of the advert was Kleeneze - Making Life Easier.

The same blonde hair actress was used throughout the advert in various scenarios such as cleaning the windows. I'll try and get a photo of her.

Free cars are offered as an incentive to their top catalogue item sellers and for those who bring the most distributors. In 2007, with the acquisition by the Findel group, the cars were vastly upgraded. For example the Grand Master Distributor in 2007 was awarded with a free Bentley Continental GT car which is worth over £118,000!

Other cars awarded included a Jaguar S type, Jaguar XK, Jaguar X type, Aston Martin Vantage, and a Mini Cooper. All are awarded to distributors who reach a certain level of a sales plan. Once a distributor qualifies for a free car they are awarded the car and get to keep it for life. These car incentives make joining worthwhile and remember - you are still earning cash whilst trying to achieve the level to get a free car!

They do sell a special trolley called the catapuller which saves your back and shoulders from the strain of carrying your catalogues and brochures in a shoulder bag.
The catapuller trolley will hold about 60 and it can be ordered in the admin area of the website.. Our tip is to buy this to help you comfortably and quickly get round and to help you sell more cleaning products.

The Enlite vitamin and food supplements is an addition to their range of health and beauty stock. This includes the Enlite weight loss system which is a natural way to control the appetite using a special formula of dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins to release energy and reduce food cravings.
By taking two Enlite tablets twice a day with food hunger pangs are said to be reduced. The Enlite vitamin and food supplements also provide about 50% of the daily recommended allowance of vitamins and minerals.
Many distributors see an increase in sales of health and beauty purchases in January and February from people who are looking to improve their lifestyle after the December excesses of Christmas and New Year so this is a great time to promote Enlite vitamins and the Enlite food supplement range.
Enlite has featured in the media such as the Daily Mail newspaper in the Scottish edition.

Top distributors hold regular training days and meetings in local areas. This is generally for members of their red or blue team to increase their group sales analysis. Such training days are open to other members though and is a great way to learn how to sell more products or to sponsor more distributors.
Most of the training days and meetings are held in local hotels and the dates, times and locations of the events in England, Scotland and Wales are advertised in the Enterprise Bulletin. Such locations include Bournemouth, Glasgow, London and Maidstone.

There is usually a small charge for the training days and meetings to cover the cost of hiring a hotel conference room. Do not let this fee put you off: you can learn a great deal at these training days and meetings and get support from your sponsor, team members and fellow distributors.

Each week they publish a newsletter which is sent to distributors by e-mail and is also available from the website. It is called the Enterprize Weekly Bulletin and it contains valuable news and information. One important section is the top 10 best sellers that helps you identify the best selling items to help you sell more. The top 10 best sellers contain the name of the product, the page number from the catalogue, the price and the order code number. Items on this top selling Kleenze items recently have been the wipe clean oven liner, V-slicer and scissors, tumble dryer condenser, colour change filters, Z relax footrest, mat and rug gripper, oven mate, moisture absorber, food storage bag and the rubber broom.

On Friday 2 November 2007 they featured on the Paul O'Grady Show on Channel 4 from 5pm unitl 6pm. Paul O'Grady recommended the Heated Hair Treatment Cap.

On the 24 May they were on many local radio stations throughout the UK. Gold Senior Executive, Jean Day, discussed the recent How Clean Is Your House? advertising campaign and revealed the findings of a recent survey which investigated just how clean British homes really are. During the interview with Gavin Lowe (Big Strong Boys BBC 1, co-presenter of Moving Day on ITV and the voice of DIY for GMTV) Jean Day discussed many of the old wives tales and cleaning tips with modern cleaning methods and the many benefits. The radio interview was broadcast on BBC Radio Lancashire, BBC Radio Cambridge, BBC Three Counties Radio, Gaydar Digital and Online, The Bee, Orchard FM Somerset, Lantern FM North Devon, Broadland 102 Norwich & Great Yarmouth, The Wolf Wolverhampton, Time Berkshire Windsor, Slough & Maidenhead, Peak 107 FM North Derbyshire, U105 Belfast, Heart 106 Leicester, Nottingham & Derby, BBC Radio Kent and BBC Radio Jersey Channel Islands. If you missed the interview you may be able to use the listen again broadcast facility at their respective websites.

As well as competitions for distributors they also sponsor competitions with a range of websites, newspapers and magazines to raise the profile of the company. For example there was a competition in the Real People Magazine to win a dirt busting makeover by phone or text entry. Competitions also featured in Take A Break and Pick me up magazines.

They also featured in the Making Money magazine and in the Daily Mirror and the Saturday Mirror as a gardening feature.

The head office address is:

Kleeneze Service Centre
Express House
Clayton Business Park
Clayton le Moors

Tel. No: (0870) 333 6688

Fax Number: (01254) 303102

Official Web Site:

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