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Common questions and answers about the Kleeneze business opportunity. Ask our team ofdistributors and sponsors anything and we will provide an honest answer based on our experience:

The Find Extra Work team work actively as distributors and sponsors. We also have access to a group of people who have been involved since 1992. We are able to give a personal answer to any questions relating to the business opportunity and work for yourself in this unique franchise system.

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The following are frequently asked questions about Kleeneze:

I was wondering how the payment thing works - Does everyone gets a credit limit then? I was wondering how items were ordered before customer pay for them.

Everyone gets a credit limit subject to a credit check. This can be increased as more orders are submitted and your earnings increase. This enables you to place an order without having to pay for the items. You then get up to three weeks to pay for the items and take off your commission. Every 28 days you also get a bonus payment in ratio to the amount you sell. Money and cheques from your deliveries can be paid into the bank at no charge or you can make credit card or switch payments on their secure website. This is why they do a credit check.

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What happens if people change their mind and do not want the order?

If customers change their mind or want to return a faulty item (very rare in our experience) then you can return this free of charge when the delivery driver drops off your ordered items. You simply attach a printed form that you can easily fill out from their website. You can save as many returned or damaged items as you like for this free returns each 28 days. Once you have notified them that you have a return your account will be credited immediately with a refund, even if you hold the item for a few weeks to co-incide with the next collection or delivery date from the courier. So you won't be out of pocket and this helps with your credit limit. You can then refund the customer without feeling a financial loss. From the customers point of view this is a great selling point and they can buy from you with re-assurance. The brand has been known with quality cleaning products for decades and is doing really well in modern times thanks to sponsorship such as the How Clean Is Your House Kim and Aggie TV sponsorship.

Also I noticed in your article that you waited 4 wks until you sent in your 1st order for £250. Did customers mind waiting this long?

Karla waited four weeks for the order because she works full time as an artist ( www.karlascreativecapers.co.uk ) and only wanted to work part time in between commissions. She was busy with Christmas pet portraits at the time. We live in a rural area so customers are quite happy to wait a few weeks so long as they know she always delivers. She now has a core of customers who are happy to wait 2 -3 weeks for delivery which now helps them budget and plan their cleaning, gardening and health car products.

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How long ago did you join?

Karla joined in September 2006. The team we are in, which you will become part of is you join via Karla (you need to join with a current distributor which they call a sponsor) have been working since 1996 and everyone in the team (the blue team) can access their experience and knowledge to learn how to make more money.

I have read a few forums and a few people say that summer is not the best time of year to deliver catalogues.

Yes summer can see a drop in sales because of people going on holiday or being out and about enjoying the fine weather, however now is a great time to take advantage of the TV advertising on Channel 4. It is also a great time to build up customer trust before Christmas. They have gardening catalogues so sales for these items increase in the summer. By going back to the customers during the summer and giving them their orders on time and efficiently you can build up a long term relationship with core customers who will form your customer base. When they start their Christmas shopping they will hopefully spend their Xmas money with you. They do some great Christmas gifts, cards, wrapping paper, Christmas tree decorations and accessories, etc. We are rather excited about Christmas with them this year because they bought over Studio catalogues and they also have some cracking Christmas things so the two catalogues combined should really increase sales.

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What are your views on delivering to residential homes (staff), offices and factories? I thought this would be ideal as you may get multiple orders and people are always there to pick up the catalogue. I am not lazy, but don't relish the thought of going back to houses more than twice to pick up the catalogue-would love your thoughts on this

Delivering to residential homes, offices, factories etc is a great idea and something many distributors regularly do . It's a captive audience and when people read the catalogues together they get talking, recommending and buying. In addition to the staff you can also seek permission from the matron or manager to leave extra catalogues for the residents or patients. There are items of personal care, health supplements, gifts, toiletries, etc that are in the catalogues, especially if they cannot easily get out and about shopping.

Do you think 200 catalogues would be a good start, how much would this be?

200 is a sensible number to start with and will allow you to be able to set up a system of rotation so that your catalogues are always with customers. The cost of 200 catalogues which includes your business start up kit would be £125.

If the above information and links do not answer your queries then please do send us any questions by e-mail or post using our contact information. We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, usually within the same day, though please do allow for us to be asleep or out for the day!

My Kleeneze question is that I notice there are already several distributors in the area I would like to work as an agent. Should I be put off by this?

No! Many distributors find that they have others in their area. Karla (my wife and main distributor whilst I work on the websites) has a customer base of about 230 regular customers who also buy from three other distributors though some only buy from Karla. She still makes a good income from this. We live in a rural area with a small population so living somewhere larger like a town should give you a greater number of customers.
Customers will buy from different people for different reasons and at different times. They seem to favour those who keep their time schedules and always deliver promptly and efficiently. Karla has retained a loyal customer base through church, guides, family friends and relatives as well as neighbours and passing acquaintances.

I hope you don't mind me raising a question that I seem to have difficulties finding an answer for (I couldn't find it on your FAQ either), I've been trying to compare the various companies that provide catalogue shopping and I've noticed that Betterware also pay a percentage on any online sales in the agents area. However you are not given a specific area (I believe), does this mean that if someone looks at the brochure and decides to order online then you are cut out of the loop and don't gain commission?

At the time of writing these Kleeneze questions and answers agents do not have their own areas. However it is not possible to order goods directly from their website. Instead those who contact the site to enquire about ordering from the catalogue are asked to give their name and address so that a local agent can provide them with a catalogue and order direct from the agent, who then earns the commission. Findextrawork are not sure how they choose the agent, but we have had to travel less than five miles to deliver a catalogue.

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