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They are useful objects that brighten up any environment and can be used to great decorative effect and aid relaxation. Many people will buy them for their colour, aroma, smell and look. Most households will use them and their associated accessories and you can make money selling candles by becoming a freelance consultant and sell them at home or at parties in other people's houses.

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Partylite Party

One such company is Partylite who were established in 1973, gained popularity worldwide and came to the United Kingdom in 1996. Their products, offices and sellers can be found in Australia, Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the United States.

The concept traces its roots to a schoolteacher and entrepreneur called Mabel Kimball Baker in New England, United States of America. She made scented ones from the bayberries on nearby Cape Cod. They were branded and they grew in popularity and the business flourished and expanded.

In 1973 the company started by selling excess stock from their factory and gift shop in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA. The head office comprised just three people: Ruben Deveau, Charles Lester and Anne MacInnis and the offices were in a corner of a warehouse in Cordage Park, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA. Though the three company executives had their own individual roles the reality was they worked hard as a team multi-tasking. The business expanded, mostly due to the hard work of consultants who worked hard selling candles from home to friends, relatives at parties or in the neighbourhood.

Nowadays consultants enjoy a profit share plan and you too can become a consultant for Partylite candles. In addition you can earn from building a team of partylite party sellers. There are over 36000 consultants throughout the world.

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Candle Parties At Home

One major advantage of working for them over others is the fact that there is no cash investment needed to start candle parties at home.

You do not need any qualifications or training but you will need enthusiasm, enjoy meeting people and speaking publicly. Then it is simply a matter of filling out an application form and getting contacted by an area supervisor. He or she will give you the help and support you need to get you started in your homeworking business.

You get to choose your own hours, opting to work as hard as you like or just doing a few hours here and there. The more successful consultants earn large salaries from doing as many parties as they can book.

A regular brochure and catalogue is available which has pictures and photographs of their latest products with descriptions. Agents can leave these in customers houses for them to read through and place an order. The consultant then delivers the orders and collects and processes payments.

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Many people will gladly book a Partylite candle party because the events are fun, they and their friends can view the products in a relaxed setting and it makes a great social event. The hostess gets an incentive to host the party by getting free or discounted items. They get this provided £165 is sold at the event. In addition they receive specials where they can buy unique goods. The hostess will have the orders delivered to their house at a later date and will distribute the orders to his or her guests.

They have a major advantage over the catalogues because the customer can see, feel and hold each item sold and picture how they can use the item. This tends to result in greater sales because customers like the products and want to buy them there and then.

It would be worth tagging along to one or even better several established and experienced consultants to watch their style of delivery and to observe how they interact with their customers and get them relaxed and interested enough to place orders.

Do consider learning more about them, how they are made, safety issues and getting the most from them including the best way to extinguish a flame to prolong the life of a wick. Pass this knowledge onto your customers and you could entice them to spend more.

Earnings should be declared to the tax office on your annual income tax self assessment form. You can offset any expenses like office supplies, travelling costs, etc against this on your expense sheet.

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