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Website Of The Day

On Thursday 10 August 2006 we were listed on BBC Radio 2 Steve Wright show website of the day by Miles Mendoza at and also listed as a useful website on Miles' own site at we were also described on the Steve Wright Show Website Of The Day live on air on BBC Radio 2 on Tuesday 15 August 2006.

Salary Checker page - allows you to compare average salaries for any job or industry within any location in the UK:

Miles said:

"This is a detailed guide to many of the ways you can supplement your income or find self-employment in the UK. Suggestions range from Film & TV Extra work (From £65 a day, or more for jobs "that require you to perform certain skills like horse riding, skating, etc or have your hair cut really short") to mystery shopping, nude modelling for art classes, strawberry picking or writing the Star Letter to the TV Times!"

Steve Wright considered a career as an art model but fortunately Janey Lee Grace and Tim Smith made him see sense! Steve did call us a "top site!" Really chuffed with that as I've been a fan of Steve since the 1980s when he was on Radio 1 and had guests like Mr Angry!

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Dystopian Zombies Novel Book Fiction

The Grampian skies are under attack from an enemy jet. It is spilling a strange yellow smoke. Minutes later, people start killing each other.
Former Royal Air Force Regiment Gunner Jason Harper witnesses this and then his wife, Pippa, telephones him, shouting that she needs him. They then get cut off. He sets straight out towards Aberdeen city, unprepared for the nightmare that unfolds during his journey. Everyone seems to want to kill him.
Along the way, he pairs up with fellow survivor Imogen. But she enjoys killing the living dead far too much. Will she kill Jason in her blood thirst? Or will she hinder his journey through this zombie filled dystopian landscape to find his pregnant wife?

The Fence is the first in this series of post-apocalyptic military survival thrillers from the torturous mind of horror and science fiction novel writer C.G. Buswell.

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Capital Gold

On the same day we made it onto another radio station, Capital Gold at
David Andrews reviewed the website and said:

"Who wouldn't want a bit more cash these days and this site gives you great ideas how you can bring it a little bit more. From finding work as extras to mystery shopping and more, explore a host of money-making ideas."

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One last war novel

An army veteran moves his family into a village, but his nightmare neighbour starts a battle of wits with him. Who will win this One Last War?

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Web Watch

On the 21 August we were listed on the Tony Collins Web Watch and aired on the radio station Strayfm at the weekday evening slot of 6:40pm when the website of the day is featured. Tony said "This site does what its name suggests!" Visit Tony's webpage at / for more useful websites. Strayfm broadcast to the Harrogate area.

Milton Keynes Horizon Radio Show Travel Steve's Websites

Travel Steve from Milton Keynes Horizon Radio featured us as their daily recommended website on Tuesday 22nd August. You can hear this feature every weekday morning with Trevor, Cueball and Ros between 6:15 and 6:30am. Steve said:

If you are looking for a bit of cash here is a detailed look at some interesting extra work. Whether it is acting, creating a crossword or being a drug testing volunteer the information is all here.

Visit Milton Keynes Horizon Radio Show site at where you can read about more interesting websites and listen live to their radio programmes.

Minster FM The Internet Connection

On Thursday 28 September 2006 we featured on Minster FM The Internet Connection with Alex Brown. Minsterfm broadcasts around the York, England region and can be heard at FM 104.7 or via their website at

The One Show

On Tuesday 27 November 2007 The One Show on BBC1 featured us in the Dominic Littlewood section. Dominic was discussing ways of savings and making money for Christmas and featured our page about Dog Walking. Also in the BBC The One Show programme was making loyalty points from shops, going mystery shopping, taking surveys and being a film extra.

If you would like to feature us in your website, magazine, newspaper, on television, the radio or other media then please feel free to Contact Me.

If you would like any editorial, images or photographs for your media publication then please feel free to use the copy below: is a new website that teaches you how to earn an extra income either at home or out and about doing a range of part time or full time jobs. The site is ideal for someone looking to supplement an income or seeking self employment through a variety of activities.

Readers can learn how to win cash prizes on game shows or how to appear on reality television. Those who prefer to watch TV can learn how to write TV reviews for a variety of publications like TV Times.

Those who love shopping can benefit from our experience of mystery shopping and learn how they too can earn an income from testing services and shops or through testing products. There is even advice on becoming a Father Christmas in shopping centres, though summer readers would be better reading the strawberry picking page.

The more adventurous may like to show of their body by becoming an art model - perhaps even as a live nude model. Celebrity look-alikes can learn how to cash in if they look like a star.

For those who prefer to work from home there is advice and information about earning from typing, doing washing and ironing, competitions, taking surveys and visiting websites.

Our information is free and avoids scams and get rich quick schemes. We do not condone such scams and even have a page to help our readers identify and avoid common scams Instead it concentrates on how to make the most of natural abilities, skills and hard work to achieve a comfortable income.

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Amazing site full of information. I am disabled with MS so you have given me a new meaning to my life after spending months looking for part time employment you have handed it to me on a plate.

Just wanted to say...thank you for a vastly superior, informative, well written, and useful website.

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