Online Advertising Make Money

How to make money online advertising from your website and how to become an affiliate marketer:

It is possible to earn when you display adverts to shops and services. This article will guide you through joining a network and describe how they and the webmaster earns.

Online Advertising Make Money From Your Website Become Affiliate

I have been earning from websites since the year 2001 and am happy to help you. Read this article to discover how it works, their secrets and my hints and tips. Advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed.

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Affiliate Marketing

It is a win win situation. You host ads from a free to join network such as Webgains Partner or Word Linx and they handle all the negotiates with the advertiser, provide and host the adverts and text link ads and pay you at agreed intervals, usually monthly, though some networks do pay weekly.

Other names for it are e-commerce and digital marketing.

In its simplest form it involves you choosing your advert, copy and pasting some html or java code and putting this on your pages. But please do not make the mistake that other newbies make when they start by placing lots onto your pages. The best make money advertising on your website advice I can give you is to build one that has many pages of content articles, with photos to accompany each page. Concentrate on providing a service rather than worry about how to make money from your website, visitors will soon increase. Then carefully choose what advertisers you would like to place there. Advertisers are known as merchants. So if you run a fashion blog then place some popular clothes shops like Next or M&S onto your pages. I would suggest no more than one per area of screen and do add more for larger pages. Even better write a review of a specific product and link through to buy it and you will soon earn.

How To Make Money With Advertising On Your Website

As you develop your career then you can progress to deep feeds and content units that are provided by networks like Paid On Results which will display eye catching images of products to buy with a description and price. Your users then click on these, hopefully buy them and then you get a commission, which is the essence of how to make money with advertising on your website. So for example if you run a music resource then do look out for merchants like Amazon where you can advertise CDs and earn a commission from each sale.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

The easiest advice is to join many networks. Often the most profitable for both the webmaster and the network is to use contextual advertising. This is ideal if you are content rich, especially if managed easily by cascading style sheets or other management systems. All you need to do is add several html or javascript codes within your pages and you will get paid each time a person either clicks the advert, clicks the advert and shops or even each time the ads are shown. The better providers will perform all three on your behalf whilst you get busy writing new content, learning how to become an affiliate marketer, looking after your visitors and find new ways to get traffic.

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They are also called self serving ads for the reason that they will automatically read the content of your pages and match the content to the adverts, making them more attractive to your users and more likely to click the links. This a great advantage for those learning and makes life so much easier for you. They can be adjusted to size, colour, background, font, etc so that they fit into your pages and give you control of how each of your pages appear.

There are few disadvantages and these are easily overcome. For example on the control panel you can ban any of your competitors from displaying their adverts by using the competitive ad filter or ask for a specific image to appear if no adverts are available, though this is rare. The only disadvantage I have encountered is when I bought a new laptop and accidentally clicked on a contextual ad within one of my sites because I was not used to the mouse pad. This is against the terms and conditions and can get you banned with a loss of any earnings not already paid to you. Though I quickly e-mailed the network and explained the situation and was forgiven! The advertiser was re-inbursed so no-one lost out and I have been happily working with the contextual advertiser since 2003, getting paid each month direct to my bank with easy to print off invoices for Income Tax and VAT purposes. I love writing and publishing photographs for my others and contextual ads means I can do the work I love and get paid for it each month.

Other pros of using contextual ad networks for those wishing to make money affiliate marketing is that they give you a free search banner which you can custom build to look like it appears as part of your page. It can search through your own to help your visitors find the information they need and they can choose to search the web with it. If they then go on to click an external advert from the search result then you earn. This is a great additional source of income.

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If you prefer to choose your own advertisers and links then another option is to join a network. Though you can off course choose to do both. One tip if you have content rich pages is to put your ads within the article, perhaps working in a text link so that the words flow and it seems part of the article, such as a review of the latest film with a link to buy the DVD. Then at the bottom of the page put a contextual ad. If you have not managed to encourage the reader to click the ad by the time they have read the page or review then they are most likely to exit. But if a contextual advert catches their eye and has a link of interest then they may click it and you earn.

The major advantage of a network like Paid On Results is there will be literally hundreds of advertisers to choose from. Other advantages of using them is that you can gather payment from each advertiser into one easy payment. I have been using networks like Tradedoubler for years and never had any payment problems. Indeed on one rare occasion when the advertiser when bust the network still honoured the payments due.

Do join as many UK networks as possible because they all have different merchants. If you have International visitors, which you can easily identify from your statistics, then do consider joining a US network.

I have not encountered many cons of networks and marketing. They safely look after advertisers and merchants and pay promptly direct to my bank account. It is genuinely all pros when working with networks and my only regret is that I did not find out about it sooner!

The network will give you an agreed percentage of sale or a commission based on the number of people you send to join. There are further rewards for top performers and high traffic who deliver more registrations. They will then get an agreed amount from the advertiser from which they pay you and take off their percentage for doing the hard work behind the scenes such as negotiating percentages, discount codes to help drive traffic, etc. Some also charge an override or set up fee to the merchant.

So hopefully by now you have joined a network to have a look. You will have had to give your personal details like name, address, telephone number, url of your homepage, visitors, description, bank or building society details or the name to put on your cheque. Now all you need to do is find a program to suit your subject. Do check your statistics and read which keywords people type into search engines to access it. You should use this information to choose an appropriate merchant. Look for merchants that keep their links fresh and updated. So if it is Christmas and they still have Easter adverts then you may be better choosing another. Do contact the network for advice. Most are helpful and will be happy to give you advice: remember they only profit if you do.

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Banner Ads

There are generally two types of adverts: banner ads and text links. We will discuss banners first. These are copy and pasted from the platform using html or javascript code. There are many sizes and these range from 120 x 60, 120 x 240, 120 x 600, 234 x 60, 468 x 60, 728 x 90, 160 x 600 and 300 x 250 so you will usually be able to find a size to fit. If not most will be happy to work with you to create one that fits your style and format.

Most will automatically open into a new window so that you do not loose your visitors. Those that do not can be customised by adding the html code target="_blank" or target="_new" to open a link into a new window.

Do give consideration to the size so that it looks nice without dominating the page. Visitors do get blind to them so do change them every now and then to keep them fresh looking, especially at seasonal times like Valentine's Day and Xmas.

Many find that they get a better sales conversation if they avoid those that have the url or telephone number of the merchant on them. That way visitors have to click an ad to find out more about the advertiser.

Common placements are at the top of a page or down the side. Higher click throughs can be accomplished if they are placed within the editorial of a page. The smaller 234 x 60 ads are useful to divide paragraphs of text.

Text Links

Text links are far easier to work into an editorial, much like I have done for Paid On Results further above this article. The advantages of text links is that you can pre sell the benefits of clicking the link whereas banners have to sell themselves through creative images.

Most offer text links where your tracking code is inserted and you can add your own clickable text.

Whichever method you use do add a tracking code to help you identify where you make the sales or registrations. You can then identify which linking methods work better for you. I've used the plural there because as you develop your digital marketing career you should try and build as many as you can easily manage to run. This will vastly increase your earnings, especially if you rely on natural search engine placement to get visitors for free. If you are paying for clicks then you should concentrate on the bids you pay for certain keywords and which convert easily.

Another thing to consider is the cookie length of each network or merchant. Some will have a standard 30 day cookie length for all their merchants whilst others have cookie lengths from one day to 90 days. There are also merchants who offer lifetime revenue and this should form part of your portfolio. Each time an internet user clicks on an advert a cookie is placed on their PC. This is called burning a cookie. This is your trackable link for when the user hopefully goes on to register or buy products. If the person does not click on another cookie then they are your customer for the length of the cookie.

One disadvantage of cookies is that programmes like ad-aware will remove them from a person's computer and you lose any potential sales. This is why some prefer contextual ads because they earn instantly. Others take their chances with cookies because commissions can be higher. Take the example of someone shopping at an electrical store for a quality television and pay £2000 and you get 5% commission. That works out at a whopping £100 sale. So there are risks, advantages and disadvantages to consider. The ideal position is to use a bit of everything and spread the risk or chances of sales. By studying your log files and stats you will soon be able to work out where to place what links for which advertiser.

More Share

More Share is a resource that allows you to buy cheap adverts and also permits you to earn free ads through shortening urls and displaying them on your own site, blog, etc.

The urls you advertise can also include your links which can be useful if you want to set an ad campaign for a specific product or seasonal service.

Hopefully I have answered all your questions, if not feel free to use the contact me details on the right for more help. With a bit of thought and planning you can soon get paid cash from a website when you display banner ads and text links.

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