The Pampered Chef

Work for The Pampered Chef and other businesses by earning money selling kitchen ware and recipe books as a consultant and running parties:

This was formed in 1980 by Doris Christopher of Chicago in the United States of America. She was a home economics teacher and an at home mother who used and demonstrated functional, high-quality kitchen tools and equipment. She found that the ones available in shops were not of the quality available to her as a professional and some were not well designed. Doris also found that salespeople sometimes did not know a great deal about them so she had the idea of designing quality and functional kitchen products and created the company.

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Doris wanted her products to be shown in homes around America, by housewives to their friends and family. Customers would be able to see them demonstrated, use them before purchase and then buy the items there and then. She quickly achieved this with the help and support of her husband, Jay, and their two young daughters, Julie and Kelley.

Soon her homeware products were selling not only throughout the USA but worldwide, including here in the United Kingdom. The UK distribution network started in 1999 and continues to grow in strength thanks to those who sell their high-quality kitchen tools. Over 55,000 work around the world including countries such as Germany, Britain, America and Canada. All products have at least a one year guarantee.

You can easily join and start earning money with hours to suit your family and social needs.

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Pampered Chef Consultant

Items you can sell include baking cutters, tableware, oven mitts, cake tester, mixing bowls, rice cookers, stir fry skillets, recipe cookbooks, peelers, whisks, serving sets, cookware, stoneware collections and much more. If you allow a distributor to host a party, which is called a cooking show, in your home you can claim free items from their catalogue. This gives you a chance to observe a trained employee (independent distributor or consultant) in action and to learn their selling skills first hand.

In addition the Pampered Chef consultant can show easy recipes that offer dramatic results and simple mealtime preparation techniques that make cooking quick, easy and fun!

Working For Pampered Chef

Working for Pampered Chef gives you benefits from being your own boss: working hours to suit you, your family and social life. Other benefits include:
  • Earn Money

  • Free training and support

  • Free items

  • Free award gifts such as holidays, sapphire and diamond jewellery for top sales achievers

  • Meeting new friends

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It would suit a variety of people such as men or women with children who want a job that is flexible around child care, retired people and those with a passion for cooking and being in the kitchen.

It could be the opportunity you have been looking for, whether to supplement your existing income or to enable you to make a life changing career decision.

Income should be declared to your Tax Office on your self assessment form. You may be able to claim tax relief from expenses such as travelling, car mileage, telephone calls and the start up kit.

Pampered Chef Business

You will need to buy The Pampered Chef business start up kit, which is about £100, and includes stationery and materials for the shows. You are obligated to complete at least six shows in your first year. Expenses thereafter are the catalogues and invitations, though these can go on your income tax expense sheet. There are no other hidden charges or costs, though some give out free food and drink to their customers and get a return on this by seeing an increase in sales.

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Pampered Chef Parties

Pampered Chef parties can be held in friends and family's homes, local pubs, clubs and village halls - use your local contacts and build up a friendly fun rapport with your clients to keep them as spending customers. If people love your shows and have a fun day or night out they will come back with more friends and family and your income will grow. Do pass out business cards with your contact details so that people can easily contact you and book a show.

You do not need to keep stock at home, other than the demonstration items - some sales Consultants even use these in their own kitchens between shows. After you have taken the orders you place the order on-line and the products are shipped directly to the host of the show so there are no deliveries to do.

There are few downsides and the only thing I can think of is that you have to overcome any fear of public speaking. However this can be fun and many people grow to love talking about the products and having a laugh with groups of new friends - whilst earning money.

For more information see their website at or contact them by telephone: (01344) 823600

Party Plan

Other party plans type of home working businesses are described below with a full review to be added to findextrawork soon.

Jamie At Home

Jamie at Home is a new party plan from leading cook and TV personality Jamie Oliver. This party planning home business was launched in 2009 and includes selling items for the kitchen, home and garden. At the time of writing this review ranges in the collection included a must have essentials range which Jamie feels everyone should have in their kitchen to make life easier and cooking more efficient, an outdoor collection for those who like gardening or relaxing in the garden, a scent and savour range which includes outdoor candles to help provide light and keep insects away and a kids collection to educate and entertain children in the kitchen and garden.

This offers a generous 20% commission on all products sold at your Jamie At Home party. There is also the opportunity to reach extra bonuses and incentives.

As with other party planning hours of work are flexible to suit your needs. There is an outlay for your starter pack and at the time of writing this Jamie At Home review this was £100 and an extra £15 to provide Public Liability Insurance. This starter pack provides you with £400 worth of products to sell during your career. Training and support is provided. For more information visit the official website

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