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Choose your own hours and get paid to sell books at home or online, in your community, at schools, playgroups or clubs. Includes details of how to work for Usborne:

Sell for profit when you work for Usborne Books At Home company. You can work around your existing commitments and will get paid a percentage of the sales you make. You will also have the opportunity to receive free items and incentives like holidays.

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Usborne Books

They were founded in the 1970s with the aim to publish fun educational and information titles for children. The company became a success within months of launching and is now a major publisher internationally and in over 100 languages. They consistently get glowing reviews and win prestige prizes. There are over 1800 titles in their range and this includes baby, parents' guides and fiction for children. You can easily share in that success and start earning from selling books from home.

Become an organiser and earn commission. You can build up a client base in local areas like schools, at house parties, clubs, playgroups, libraries, for families and friends and workplaces like factories. There are no minimum sales needed to be an Usborne book seller. You need no qualifications or skills, other than enjoying meeting people and being enthusiast.

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Usborne Books Consultant

As your Usborne Books consultant business grows so to will your commissions - turn over a set amount in one month and you can earn higher commission. If you sell more you will benefit from a tiered commission of the value of your sales. Cash bonuses are also available to top Usborne book sellers. Some of the best organisers earn an outstanding monthly commission cheque.

It would suit those seeking a full time or part time job, housewives or househusbands with spare time, people with family commitments, someone wanting a second job, people who love reading and children - all sorts of people really. All will benefit from flexible hours to suit their individual needs.

You will need to buy a starter kit. They usually have monthly offers such as £125 worth of goods for only £38.

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Usborne Books Party

To start you simply complete an Organiser Agreement which can either be obtained from your local representative or by post at the address below. Alternatively you can complete the application and contact form at their site.

You will need to pay for your organiser's starter kit upfront. This contains your samples, a welcome pack with everything you need to know, a comprehensive organiser's handbook, catalogues, leaflets and other business stationery. You will also get a password which gives you access to the dedicated organisers' area of the website. There you will find useful tools and training materials.

Organiser's benefit from the support of a team leader and the head office.

Other benefits include awards and incentives such as luxury lunches and themed dinners, conferences and even foreign holidays for top achievers.

A strong incentive to entice people to allow you to host an Usborne Books party or to display your items for sale is that the host will receive freebies. This is based on a percentage of sales made. So the more the host can encourage their guests to buy, the more he or she will receive. Hosts can include individuals, clubs, charities, schools, playgroups, libraries, fetes, fairs, etc. The host will get a percentage of sales to spend and as an added incentive hosts can get a further percentage to spend if they arrange two more events.

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Sell Books

Schools can get a percentage of free titles when sales exceed a set amount. These events are worth doing as often as you can because you have a captive audience, teachers get behind helping you because they want to help encourage children to read. Parents tend to want to buy to help raise funds for the school.

They can offer you a flexible and rewarding job where you can choose your own working hours. Though there is a small outlay you can soon recoup this payment and start earning for yourself.

Tel: (01865) 883731

Official website at

Sell Used Books Online

Sell used books online is so easy at websites such as and where easy to follow instructions guide you through the process. There are many advantages to each site. For example at amazon they may already have an image and description and you simply add a three sentence about your item such as its condition, year of publication, special features such as an autographed or first edition and how you will send it such as recorded delivery to ensure the safe delivery. With Amazon you can set your price and they even suggest a price. During listing you can see other prices and match yours accordingly. The find extra work team try and sell books online for a few pennies under the cheapest. It is then kept on sale until someone buys it. You can change the price at any time. This method is good for when you have rare ones, especially those out of print or in demand by collectors.

Ebay is also a great place because they go to auction or for a fixed price which is known as buy it now. The buyer pays for postage costs if you set these on your auction listing. Rather than write more about it here findextrawork have written a page about Online Auctions which goes into more details about selling used books online and the many advantages, disadvantages, hints and tips when you sell books from home.

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