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How to make money from your garden by selling flowers and plants for profit at home:

Sell Flowers And Plants From Your Garden

If you enjoy growing then you can make extra from home doing your hobby when you sell flowers and plants from your garden. If you have an extra supply of seedlings or those in bloom or bud then try selling flowers at your front door, by the path or road. This article will give you tips, information and advice to help you make money from gardening.

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Selling Plants For Profit

The extra from selling plants for profit won't make you a fortune, but it will give you an additional income source that may help to pay for supplies like compost, seeds, equipment or bulbs. It won't really feel like work because you are doing something you enjoy and will benefit from bringing some beautifully grown produce into other people's lives. It gives you an extra pride when you sell your flowers and plants.

Consider your house and where you can safely leave a table of plants or a bucket or pail with bunches of fresh blooms. For example if you have a long path and don't really want people walking around your property then leave the items for sale at the edge of the driveway. Do use as good a table or bucket as you can which is safe to leave in a public area. Use fresh water in the bucket to keep them fresh looking. Water them throughout the day to prevent wilting. Do use a bucket or table that you will not miss if it gets stolen - sadly you need to think of people doing such things. We have fortunately never experienced any theft, but for the same reason you may want to limit what stock you put out. If you are home during the day it won't take long to restock. It will also keep them fresher looking if they are cut hours before they are sold.

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How To Sell Flowers

There are several ways to collect payment. You could leave an honesty box. Do put out a sign describing how to make payment, where to leave it and the prices. This will stop you from being bothered by people ringing the door bell. The disadvantage of this is that it could get stolen, though you could empty it periodically throughout the day. Another disadvantage on how to sell flowers is that people need to have the exact change.

Try and plan your blooms for seasonal occasions such as Mother's Day. Your neighbours and passers by will happily buy them fresh for Mothering Sunday.

SellFlowers An alternative is to ask people to drop it through your letter box or to ring the door bell for change. The disadvantages of this is that dropping coins could cause abrasion damage to your paintwork or wallpaper, or as we have found, could be grabbed by the children first! Fortunately the dog has grown to ignore these coins and has never tried to eat them. This method of collecting payment is great for building up your customer base and some people could become regular customers.

Some have a charity collection box or tin which they lock to their gate or hammer down onto a fence. They leave this until it is full or until the end of the growing season. This is then unlocked or removed from the fence and donated to the charity. Some charities will happily provide a branded collection tin.

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Make Money From Your Garden

If you live on a route taken by children going to school you may wish to consider putting your items for sale out after 9am and bringing them in between 3 and 4 pm. Some kids may decide to take them for their teacher or mum and not pay. Sadly some children will take delight in vandalising your table or bucket and destroying your produce.

Do put a sign asking people to respect your property and privacy when you start trying to make money from your garden. This may help to stop people from wandering around your private area, studying the fauna or taking cuttings. Some may think it fair game to help themselves because they think you are a commercial outfit.

Collect old plastic and disposable containers, trays and pots from friends and family. Some centres will happily give these out for free rather than see them thrown out. Do wash these thoroughly to make them look cleaner and more presentable and help to stop the spread of any diseases.

Making Money With Plants

Income earned from making money with plants should be declared to the inland revenue on your annual self assessment tax form. You can claim expenses such as compost, seeds, bulbs, table, labels, etc. If these are to be used for your own enjoyment you should claim a percentage of the total on the receipts.

Earning from your garden can be lucrative during the spring and summer seasons. Above all enjoy selling your flowers and take delight in bringing colour and fragrance to people's lives.

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How To Make Money Gardening

Questions and answers from readers:

I read with interest your advice and information regarding how to make money gardening from your produce, vegetables etc). I would like to sell the seeds from my own borders, but I was told that I might have to obtain a licence for that and that they need to be certified and regulated. Could you please advice me on that. Many thanks.

Findextrawork have not mentioned selling seeds from your own efforts in this page because of the strict laws that govern this. There are many laws covering the selling of seeds for profit and these are primarily in place to prevent the spread of diseases and to ensure that seeds are grown in sterile conditions. The subject is beyond our experience and knowledge but when we have websites that we can direct visitors to we shall add them to this article. One such resource is the UK Plant Varieties and Seeds Act 1964.

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