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Earn money from selling make up, toiletries, perfume and cosmetics in your local area with Avon. Read the free information to get started as a representative:

Sell Make Up - Join Avon as a Representative

It is possible to earn an extra income and make spare cash from selling make up, jewellery, skin care products, toiletries, perfume and cosmetics from door to door. Companies will allow you to sell make up by delivering their catalogues and brochures in a set area, which is called your territory. Customers then browse these in the comfort of their home. You then return at an agreed time and date - you can write this on the book or in a slip of paper, to collect their order. This then allows those customers who will be out to leave their brochure or catalogue on the doorstep. This order is then given to the area supervisor who will process the order and return the goods to you. You then deliver these and collect payments. Alternatively you can order through their website and have them delivered direct to you on an agreed date. Then you can get the orders to your customers much earlier.

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It provides you with an extra income and is a valuable service to the community. You will be delivering, often cheaper than at the shops, to people who may not be able to shop. It's a great way to meet new people and have a wee chat. It is relatively easy - they have such a strong brand reputation throughout the UK and most people trust and enjoy using them. All their products have a money back guarantee. There are over 160,000 Avon representatives throughout Scotland, England and Wales.

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Become An Avon Representative

They allow you to deliver their new catalogue brochures with existing and new products every three weeks. It is possible to earn around £500 on larger multiple orders. An advantage of working for them is that whilst customers are viewing the goods or you are waiting to distribute them you can do other jobs like those links listed to the left and right of this page.

You get full training so that you feel comfortable and confident. You get a starter pack. There is a small charge for this, but you do not need to pay for it upfront. The cost will be deducted from your first two pay packets. It includes free brochures (we received 25), guide, samples, paper bags, calling book, etc. There is no need to buy any stock, though the more successful sellers do buy items to demonstrate to their customers before they shop or at parties. You generally get a free gift, such as a lip gloss set, with your first order.

The delivering catalogue jobs tips will give you advice to help you increase your earning potential.

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Sell Avon

They look at your total order for each catalogue number. They publish 18 a year. If you sell over £135 of products within the catalogue lifespan (3 weeks) you will get 25% of the value of the order. So if your total customers order when you sell Avon is for £1000 you will make £250. If your order is under £135 and more than £72 you will earn 20%. You do need to sell over £72 for each order to be paid.

In addition to these payments you will also get discounts to spend on each catalogue. Some sellers bulk buy these and sell them on to their customers either as recommendations or at parties. This is a great earning opportunity and the mark up price can mean as much as £4 profit to you for each item sold.

As your career progresses you could become a top representative and enjoy membership of their exclusive President's Club. This then entitles you to extra discounts, free gifts, special recognition dinners, lunch with the President and luxury trips abroad for the Top 50 Representatives in the UK.

Another way to earn from Avon is by becoming an area representative. You will get to work more hours and can earn somewhere in the region of £60 to £500 a week depending on how much work you do, the size of your area of responsibility and how many Avon reps work with you.

Selling Avon

There are no hidden charges when selling Avon. Paperwork and administration is free. The only regular cost is the catalogues and brochures which cost 9 pence each.

An optional cost is a starter pack which contains samples of products, usually popular or latest stock from the Anew, Senses, Planet Spa and Advance Techniques ranges. This usually costs about £10 and often contains samples worth about £25. This can be spread over two payments of £5 from your first and second orders. This is worth considering to help you get new customers who may become regular shoppers with you and form part of your customer base. Some agents tape the samples to the front of the brochure or bag so that it is the first thing a customer see so that they are more likely to try and buy. The expense of this can be added to your expenses accounts.

Earnings from selling cosmetics, make up etc should be declared on your income tax self assessment form. You may be able to offset expenses such as buying customer samples and the starter pack against your income tax.

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Avon Rep

The President's Club is their way of rewarding their top achieving representatives. Anyone can become a member but must demonstrate hard work and commitment to being an Avon rep and to their customers. It is open to those who sell over £3500 per three week campaign period, ie those who earn over £875 every three weeks.

In return members get some great rewards such as invitations to Gala Dinners, discounted brochures and free Wellbeing brochures, discounts on demonstration products, a dedicated service line and free samples. All designed to help you achieve more success.

Join Avon

Agents get access to a special part of its website called the Café. Here you can read and be taught make up tips such as how to match colours to your customers to enhance their natural beauty. There is up to date news about makeup and any latest developments.

This is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to suit your individual needs. When you join you will receive a password and username to access this area when you become an Avon representative.

The same website area can be used to request delivery of your orders. This saves time in using the telephone or writing, so you get the items so much quicker and ultimately get orders to your customers sooner. They will appreciate this and are more likely to become regular customers.

You can also read advice, view your invoices, see your credit balance, make payments by credit card and see the status of your President’s Club Membership.

There are also internet exclusive offers that are only available to agents using the web site service.

Representatives get access to an exclusive magazine called Link. The is packed full of news, tips about make up and specials that you can purchase at discounted prices. These can be bulk bought at discounted prices and sold to your customers at normal prices. For example you can buy a lip and parfum wand for £2.80 and sell this at the normal catalogue price of £4, giving you a profit of £1.20 for each one sold. You simply promote this at any parties you demonstrate at or to your regular or new customers. The special prices are known as a demonstration price.

The magazine also has success stories from others throughout the UK

In each edition there is a free offer to you if you buy from that edition. This includes handbags, perfume compacts with mirrors, etc. You also get to read about new products which will be introduced in the future. This allows you to order the item in advance to either familiarise yourself with the product or to show to your customers.

There are also buy one get one free offers and perfume and fragrance tester vials offers. Many of the pages are fragranced so all you have to do is rub the page to smell the product.

Regular articles include a make over of a representative each month. You can even apply for a make over by sending in your photograph and details about yourself. You then feature in the magazine after having a full beauty makeover, hair style and cut, free clothing outfit including jewellery and accessories from the latest range. You will also receive a free supply of any products used during the photo shoot and make over. This is a pampering experience to enjoy and remember.

Other pages include a list and description of discontinues cosmetics and fragrances, discounts available for future campaign weeks and details of super sales incentives.

Editions often include success stories and press releases such as area sales managers who have reached top sales and targets and have won cars like a BMW.

As a point of interest they help raise funds for the Breast Cancer Crusade charity which has raised over £11 million since 1992. Your work will help contribute to this worthwhile cause.

Avon work is especially suited to someone with an interest in cosmetics or who regularly wears make up. Many representatives do the job because they get free or discounted make up for their own use. It is ideal for those wanting to make extra money, get out and about and meet new friends and work their own hours.

Contact Details
Telephone Number - 0845 3458444

Avon Cosmetics Ltd
Earlstrees Road
NN17 4AZ

For more information see at where there is also an online application form.

They are a member of the Direct Selling Association and were one of the founding members.

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