Sell Mobile Phones For Cash

How to sell your old mobile phone for a cash payment through recycling whilst making money for you or a charity:

Sell Mobile Phones For Cash

Sell mobile phones for cash rather than throw them out. Companies will pay you for those gathering dust in the loft or looking lonely in the kitchen drawer. They will then recycle it for the valuable inner components and outer workings. You not only get money but you are helping the environment through recycling.

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Sell Your Mobile Phone

There are several websites where you can sell your mobile phone for cash, such as those in the free tool below where you can discover how much it is worth by keying in the make and model. Depending on its condition you could get a payment from £4, through to £20 and upwards.

Do not be tempted to lie about the age or condition of it since most sites have a small print that if the condition is other than you have stated then you are responsible for postage charges to return it to you. In addition you will not get paid and may forfeit it if you do not pay the postal charges. Fill the form out correctly and follow their instructions. We would recommend sending it in bubble wrap and in a padded envelope by recorded delivery. This costs normal postage and an additional small charge and it means that a person has to sign for safe delivery of it and that a missing package can be traced.

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Even if it has scratches, does not work, has been dropped or the face or screen is smashed it could still be worth something. Some companies will recycle the inside workings and components. Just declare this on your application form.

Sell Mobile

Please do consider donating to a charity who collect them and bulk sells to companies. They can negotiate higher payments and earn valuable money to help their cause. Though you will not get paid this way you will not have to worry about postage costs. You not only recycle but are helping to fundraise for charity.

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Some charity shops in your local town or village may act as a drop off point for donating. Others may be able to provide you with a freepost envelope, do consider paying for the postage to save the costs of the charity. There are websites that specialise in collecting and donating them to charities.

Do remember to take your SIM card out before you donate or send it. You may also need to include any accessories such as covers, batteries and car or electric chargers.

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Do consider the delays of postage that can be caused by strikes. Some overcome this by using a courier collection service should the Royal Mail staff be taking industrial action. This applies if you sell four or more direct to Envirofone.


You simply follow the five simple steps at their site which will tell you how much it is worth and how much they will send you.

The first stage involves selecting the manufacturer from a list such as Nokia, Apple, Blackberry, NEC, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, O2, Siemens and many more. Then you click on the model and they make this easier to identify with images of each.

The third stage gives you the price if it is in good condition and the next stages guides you through the value for those which are damaged, perhaps with a cracked screen. They call this the non working price.

The last stage is to enter the IMEI 15 digit number which can be seen on the back of the handset.

All this takes just seconds to do and you will get an instant price to the value of your second hand set.

Most people in the UK will upgrade every 18 months and it is estimated that this is about 20 million handsets. So don't just stick them in a drawer or up in the loft - recycle them through the companies above and earn. It is estimated that the average United Kingdom household has at least four not in use that they could recycle and get an average payment of £20.

One advantage of selling to Mazuma is their use of a data delete tool which is used to protect from data theft. Many users store personnel details such as passwords, bank details or pin numbers so this tool can help prevent such sensitive information falling into criminal hands.

So what happens when they are recycled? Some will be shipped to countries such as Africa and the Middle East where hand sets that may be considered out of date in the UK and still in demand. Others, usually the more dated ones, will be sent to a recycle company where components such as silver, gold, copper, platinum, palladium and other precious metals will be removed. Toxic metals such as lead, zinc, arsenic, manganese, mercury and nickel will be safely removed.

Some components can be recycled and this includes batteries, aerials, lenses, circuit boards, microphones, LCD screens and speakers.

Do look to see if the company you are selling to care for the environment. For example in February 2010 the Phone Recycle Bank team showed their commitment to being green when they were appointed an authorised waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment facility by the Environment Agency. This WEEE Treatment Facility status. means that they can guarantee good value and have the assurance that if they cannot repair or reuse any parts of your old handset then it will be recycled correctly in accordance to European regulations.

In 2010 it was estimated that British people had about 80 million unused gadgets at home with four out of ten of the British population having at least one unused phone at home and almost half of the population looking to upgrade in the next year. Sadly some are still not aware that they can recycle whilst helping the environment. This 2010 research was produced by recycling experts Redeem who estimated that Britain is missing out on more than £390 million of potential income from recycling unused electronic equipment with phones topping the list. This equates to almost £160 million worth of recycling payments. The research by Redeem found that those with the largest amount that could have recycled were aged between 25 and 34 with nearly six in 10 (59%) owning at least one unused one that could be sold.

Banana Green

Banana GreenThey specialise in collection and recycling. They are part of the Total Repair Solutions (TRS) who are one of the leading UK providers of repair and refurbishment services for consumer electronics devices which includes Apple iPods.

They are a bit different from those listed above because they ensure that none are sent to landfill sites. So whilst other sites will reject one that needs repairing or refurbishing they will give it a new lease of life and recycle it. They proudly state that over 99% are recycled by them are given a new lease of life in developing countries and play an important part in supporting their fledgling communications infrastructure. This includes countries such as the African Nations, India and Bangladesh. Whilst many UK users want the latest handset to match those of their friends these developing countries are happy to use these recycled ones.

The recycled iPods that are sent are resold within the United Kingdom to people who are not able to afford the price of a new iPod or to those who are happy to do their bit to save the planet by using a reconditioned iPod.

In the event that one sent cannot be recycled for re-use then it is stripped down so that individual components and raw materials can be re-used.

They estimate that an astonishing 60-90 Million are stored, often forgotten, in drawers at home and in the office. They also reckon that about 15 Million are upgraded each year.

There are three simple steps. Firstly visit their website at and then choose the brand and make you would like to sell for recycling. Then click the button to find out automatically how much your handset is worth. They will then send you a freepost envelope for you to send your handset to them to check over and then they send you a cheque which usually only takes up to five days. They claim to have one of the largest selection of models on the web: just under one thousand.

Please ensure you send the battery, mains charger and any accessories. It should be noted that if it has a damaged LCD or has sustained water damage then you may receive a lower price than advertised.

You can also earn more by requesting payment in shop vouchers such as Argos, Debenhams or Marks and Spencer vouchers. Some also give you high street store vouchers for many more consumer electronics such as MP3 players, digital cameras and games consoles.

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