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Where to Sell photographs online or to newspapers and magazines to make money with your camera from freelance work:

Sell Photographs There are many organisations, publications, companies, people, and websites who will pay you to take pictures. For example editors of newspapers and magazines may find it cheaper to employ a freelance photographer. This enables you to work for them whilst still enjoying the flexibility of being self employed. The editor gets pictures and readers enjoy looking at them. Everyone is a winner!

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Make Money With Your Camera

There are many webmasters who love to create websites but may lack the expertise to take a quality image, instead they will happily pay a photographer. This is your opportunity to make money with your camera by selling photographs online. You can charge for each one and should have scales of charges for multiple purchases, exclusive rights and for stock photos when you sell photographs online.

There are some websites that specialise in being an agent between photographer and purchaser. This frees up your time to take more shots, rather than spending your time negotiating prices, sending invoices, chasing up payments, etc. The agency will do all the administration for you and may even secure a higher fee. Though they will take a commission you may not notice this if they have negotiated higher fees. You will also have the benefit of more webmasters seeing your photography work. There is no reason why you could not join several such sites that will have different client bases. Let the agency do the administration whilst you get on with the job you love.

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Selling Photographs To Newspapers

Some papers, particularly local newspapers have a picture of the day. Most do not pay you for these photos. However this avenue should not be dismissed by those selling photographs to newspapers. You may occasionally want to send in one for publication for many reasons. For example you may be noticed in your local area and be commissioned or someone may want to buy the original or a copy. You may even be approached by the newspaper for freelance photography work.

There are several reasons that a newspaper or magazine editor will buy them:

Freelance Photography Work

Some publications may have several full time photographers whilst other publications may use a team of freelancers who they can call upon to work occasionally or regularly as the need arises. For example a journalist may have telephone interviewed someone living in Aberdeen from their office in London. They do not want to send a full time member of staff from London all the way to Aberdeen. The photographer will spend too long travelling to the location and may even have to stay overnight. The publication has the expenses of travelling and accommodation. It is cheaper to employ a freelance photographer in Aberdeen to visit the location, take the required shots and send them to the editor. Especially if he or she can send digital photos by e-mail. The freelancer gets the standard fee and the publication saves on unnecessary expenses and free up their full time staff for other projects.

freelance photography work

You could approach various magazines and newspapers with a CV and examples of your freelance photography work and request to be placed on their network. There are literally thousands of publications - just look in your local newsagent for examples of magazines and papers to contact.

An easier option would be to sign up with photography agencies nationwide and in your local area. Though they take a commission for each job you will have saved yourself a lot of administration. Such an agency will have the professional contacts and can secure better rates of pay.

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How To Sell Your Photographs

Do carry at least one of your cameras around with you at all times. Or at the least carry your mobile telephone with built in digital camera. That way you can take opportunistic snaps like seeing a celebrity doing something interesting, an accident, a crime, a rare sighting of a bird, etc. Newspapers will pay heavily - especially if you are prepared to sign over exclusive rights.

When thinking about how to sell your photographs do weigh up in your conscious of how its publication will affect a person or his or her family with your need to earn a living. For example if you witness a terrorist attack and are on the spot and are in a position to take pictures of victims you have to consider that the person's family may view such distressing images against the needs of the public to see them in the news. That example is extreme so consider something that would be in the public interest - you are walking along the shores of Loch Ness and see the monster! Imagine how hard you would kick yourself if you did not have your camera! A more realistic example may be that you spot a Hollywood actor or actress somewhere in the UK and you take a few pictures of them doing something they should not. Celebrity and gossip magazines would pay handsomely for them.

Do also consider local newspapers. They may pay less but you could get regular work. For example you may take a picture of a rare weather condition of the wind effect out to sea. Locals will buy a paper to see this or pictures of a local bank robbery, criminals, accidents, village fetes, local concerts etc.

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How To Sell Photos To Magazines

If you have taken a humorous photograph, perhaps even inadvertently, you can still earn when you sell funny pictures. Magazines like Take A Break, That's Life and other women's magazines will pay you for the picture.

The how to sell photos to magazines information listed above should help you make your hobby or interest earn you a living.

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