Surveys For Cash

Complete free paid online surveys for cash payments with this Find Extra Work guide

There are many UK and international companies, like LifePoints UK and Wordlinx (in their Rewards section), who will pay you in money, cheques, shopping coupons or prizes when you complete them.

They do not take long to do - often a few minutes and usually no more than 20 minutes. The longer the free surveys for cash takes the higher the payment you will receive. There are links at the website.

Surveys For Cash

Most can be done on the internet, at the websites of the companies, such as Mysurvey.

These should be completed as soon as possible when you get sent the e-mail because there is often a set number of applicants and a time and date it needs to be completed by. For example Yougov supply information to many newspapers and TV or radio news programmes based on the results of the responses they receive. This is how they make their money - they sell the results as research and opinion polls - you get rewarded for helping them with honest answers.

Salary Checker page - allows you to compare average salaries for any job or industry within any location in the UK:

Most free paid surveys websites use tick boxes, with space at the end for any comments you wish to make. Some may involve you watching an advert or a film trailer. This might necessitate you downloading some software such as quick time or real player. These generally give you a higher rate of pay. Others will ask you to evaluate a product which you will have been previously sent to try. I've received survey cash for anything from dog food, chocolate, drinks, deodorant and toilet cleaners to review and then give answers.

Is it possible to make a living by completing them full time?

The answer is yes and no! Join as many as possible and you should get some to do most days. I generally get one to three opportunities a day from You Gov, Ciao, Lightspeed Research, Ipsos and Pinecone Research. These payments can soon mount up to a generous monthly income. Combine this with the jobs listed to the left and you could make a steady and regular income. Most of my income comes from doing questionnaires and Mystery Shopping.

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They are also called questionnaires, polls, focus groups, quizzes and opinions. Most will let you know how much you will get and how long each will take. The majority do a few screening questions to ensure that you fulfil the clients criteria for each one. These questions are generally your sex, age and job. Some like Ipsos will pre-screen you which save you a great deal of time. They can do this by keeping your profile up to date, so do complete any reminders that they send you. This will help increase your earnings.

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Paid Surveys

They do not take much time and can be rewarding and fun. Each one can be interesting and I often learn from each, especially the ones about new films and products. In addition to joining the UK survey websites it could be worth joining those from other countries such as America who will pay you directly into a Paypal account which will convert the money into UK sterling.

Some paid survey sites allow you to collect points for higher value payments. It can often be worth saving up as much points as possible and only withdrawing the points once a year to get better rewards.

Do consider completing those that offer free prize draws and competitions. I've received several wins from sites such as Lightspeed Research.

Free Online Survey

The disadvantage to completing free online survey for cash payments is that you may receive an increase in spam e-mails. You can overcome this by having a separate e-mail address to use when signing up and registering. Alternatively use an e-mail spam filter such as mailwasher.

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Do I Have To Pay Tax?

I am often asked do I have to pay tax from these earnings? I have always put these earning on my income tax self assessment form and declared all earnings to the tax office. This includes money, cheque or shopping voucher or coupon payments. However one year I was randomly picked to have my accounts assessed by a tax inspector. This process was not as frightening as it sounds! The outcome was that my accounts and that chosen year self assessment were correct but with one exception. My earnings from completing questionnaires were not taxable and I received a nice tax refund.

So should I declare payments to the tax office? Now I am not sure because strictly speaking they are still a form of income. Yet a tax inspector said not. Though I do worry about future inspectors saying that they are I get charged for tax evasion or fraud! So my practice is to always declare each and every payment made from doing them from the £4 Pinecone luncheon vouchers (nicely spent at Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds!) to the £10 Ipsos payments (spent at Boots and Argos). I much prefer to err on the side of caution, rather than not pay my dues to the Government. Especially when I get a £50 cheque from YouGov, a £20 cheque from Mutual Points or MyVoice or a large US cheque from Global Test Market, it really does not seem right not to pay income tax. And do remember that income can be traced, especially if you choose to have automatic payments directly into your bank account from a web site such as Ciao.

Perhaps the best advice about whether or not to pay tax is to check the policy with your local tax authority or accountant for expert advice.

Below are some commonly asked questions that we have been able to give answers too. If this page has not answered your question then please feel free to e-mail us using the contact link on the left.

One common query that we are often asked is:

I have visited and joined your website and found it most helpful, thank you. I am dubious of giving my details companies and websites I do not really know in case I become the victim of a scam. What details would they need for them to pay money into my bank account and how secure are these sites you have listed? Can you please advise me to this affect?

Most need personal details so that they can target questions to specific user types that match the requirements of companies and products under review. For example a car manufacturer would need to know what you currently drive, your age, how often you drive a car and if you use it for work or just social pleasure. There are also general questions asked by these companies which are demographic such as the town or village and county you live in, age, address, your number of children, type of house and if it is rented, owned or mortgaged, pets, etc. So if your personal details say that you own a dog or cat you will be targeted for say dog food questions. The same goes for someone with a baby, toddler or teenager. Such products will be targeted to you. After all there is no point in taking one about nappies if you are single and have no children. You will find it boring and the company will not process the data or they may and it could affect the results. So you will usually need to give your age, date of birth, address, number of children, type of house, pets, etc. The more information you provide the more chances of getting polls each day to complete for money or voucher payment.

I have never had to give out bank details and not had any problems with those listed on both websites I run which are and Payment is usually by shopping vouchers such as a £10 Argos voucher, paypal or cheque. I particularly like the Pinecone Research Panel method of payment which is £4 luncheon vouchers which can be spent at supermarkets like Tesco, Morrisons or Sainsbury's. I also spend them at MacDonalds, Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken. These luncheon vouchers can also be spent at Starbucks Coffee, Cafe Uno, Bella Italia, Waitrose, Nandos, Coffee Republic, Iceland, Pret a Manger, Yates, Asda , Greggs, Bagel Factory and JD Wetherspoon so most people should have no difficulty spending their reward.

I would not recommend giving out bank details or passwords to anyone. Though I would trust sites like YouGov, Ciao, Ipsos, Pine Cone etc with my bank account details should they have direct payment into my bank account. Chris

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