Tarot Card Reader Jobs

Information about tarot card reader jobs and where to find work at home doing telephone or online readings

If you are an experienced psychic then there are a number of ways to earn extra money part or full time including doing them by phone, in your local area and even online with sites like Lifereader. This tarot card reader jobs article will discuss each field of employment, outlining the advantages and disadvantages and where to go for them.

Tarot Card Reader Jobs

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Telephone Tarot Reading Jobs

Some psychics work as self employed readers and set up their own company. They charge by the minute for each and use a dedicated line for this service and do set hours. They have to advertise and collect payments, do the accounting, etc. This can be hard and involve managerial and office skills and knowledge. What is more usual is to work for a dedicated telephone psychic reading service. You get paid a certain amount for each one whilst the company deal with the set up and maintenance of the service. You can choose your own hours and calls are usually transferred to your home number. The client normally does not see this and your details are kept anonymous. Most readers use a fictitious name with an air of mysticism for their telephone tarot reading jobs.

Do sit at a comfortable chair and table and have a notepad and a few pens and pencils handy. You may want to invest in a headset to make this more comfortable and to give you freedom to move about. As you speak to the customer let them hear you shuffle and turn them over as they call out the number from each deck.

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Tarot Card Reading

Most are for about 20 minutes though some may take the customer up to one hour. The customer is probably being charged by the minute and some unscrupulous companies will ask you to keep them talking for as long as possible. They may even keep the customer waiting with a long pre-recorded message. You could be encouraged to do this with performance bonuses and incentives. However we do not think this is right or moral and would not encourage you to join such companies nor to practice these underhand tactics. Besides if these people are prepared to rip off their customers are they really to be trusted to pay you on time and the correct amount?

Psychic medium crystalball tarot card reader

Instead look for jobs with a company who charges their customers a reasonable fee. You will normally get paid from such companies, often up to £15 an hour depending on the hours you choose. You should sign an agreement or a contract and have wage, payment and terms set out.

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Treat each customer with courtesy and respect their wishes as to what they want to learn. Try not to judge what the deck tells you and pass on the information to the customer. Speak a little bit louder than you normally would and try and have a reassuring voice. Some customers may phone when they are vulnerable perhaps after a death in the family, losing a job or seeking one about love or romance. Others may just want a live general horoscope and learn a bit about their past, present and future.

Most companies allow you to choose your own hours but will pay more for unsocial hours like after midnight and until 8am. So if you suffer from insomnia or are more attuned during night hours then consider maximising your earnings and apply for these hours. If you have children then the day time hours whilst they are at school may be more appropriate for you. People with full or part time work but who wish to earn an extra salary may consider evening or weekend shifts. These do require more readers because more people are telephoning the service during these peak times.

Do consider asking your telephone company to install a separate line so that you can keep private calls separate. This will also enable you to switch it off and forget about it during leisure time. You will be billed separately for the line rental and calls so this will make calculating your expenses much easier and these expenses can be deducted from your earnings on your self assessment forms for HM Revenue and Customs.

Online Tarot Card Readers

It is possible to set up an online tarot card readers service yourself, usually with the help of a website and software programmer. You could then have shopping sections, book reviews and then offer live readings with the facility to pay you by visa or paypal. However this can be expensive and if you have no or little IT or computer knowledge and experience it can be difficult to manage the site, server, hosting, etc. It is far better to be employed by an existing psychic reading website who will manage all this whilst you perform your skills.

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Such sites operate much like telephone ones, but you will need access to a laptop, PC or tablet device. If you live local to such a website's office then you may be able to go to their offices to use their equipment. The site deals with the client payment and you perform for a payment or a share of the charges. Do familiarise yourself with the website and ask yourself if it is a site you would like to visit, find useful and feels good. Avoid gimmicky sites who are only interested in getting payments and charging their customers by the minute. Look for those with set prices and who have been on the internet for a while. Do not be put off by sites that offer clients free psychic readings. This is a common way for many websites to attract clients who go on to buy a full one. It doesn't mean you have to provide them for no pay!

There are often local job opportunities such as co-operating with an alternative health shop or health centre. For example a local shop that sells crystals may do them. They do the advertising for you and many of their customers will book through their trusted friendly shop. You simply pay the shop a fee or a percentage of each you do. So they find you the customers and you provide the expertise. The shop provides a valuable service for their customers - everyone is a winner. If such a service does not exist then why not approach your local shop and suggest setting something similar up.

Other opportunities could be organising a psychic evening at a local venue such as a village hall. You will need to employ people to organise visitors, provide refreshments, etc whilst you get on. It has the advantage of being a night out for friends and relatives in a local community. You will normally just have to pay for the rent of the venue and may have to buy insurance cover.

You could go to people's homes to perform or have people come to your home. You will definitely need public liability insurance for these choices and need to consider if you feel safe enough going to strangers homes or having people you know little about coming to your home. An alternative would be to rent an office in a business centre. Most councils rent out small offices which are already furnished and you get a secretary which is shared amongst all the offices. You may get a dedicated line which defaults to the secretary when you are out of the office or busy. Insurance may be included and electric and heating costs are usually included in the monthly rent. Another advantage is that you get a professional looking postal address.

If you have an employer you may have insurance cover. If you are self employed or not sure about insurance cover you should chat with an insurance broker about your insurance needs.

Do buy several spare packs, these can be declared as a tax expense.

Income should be declared to HM Revenue and Customs on your self assessment tax return form. Expenses such as new decks, mileage or other travelling costs, phone calls, internet charges, office rental, computer equipment, etc can be offset on your expense sheet.

It is a deck that originated in the 15th Century in Northern Italy. The original name was carte da trionfi which translates to cards of the triumphs. Soon after they became known as tarocchi.

A pack has 78 with allegorical representations today used for divination: 22 trump in the major arcana (called the keys) and 56 in the minor arcana (called the pips).

The keys include the fool, magician, high priestess, empress, hierophant, lovers, chariot, strength, hermit, wheel of fortune, justice, hanged man, death, temperance, devil, tower, star, moon, sun, judgement and the world.

The pips have 40 in four different suits of 10: traditionally batons or wands, cups, swords, coins or pentacles, and 16 court of 4 per suit: the page, knight, queen and king.

Consumer Protection Regulations

New Consumer Protection Regulations could become legislation soon. These are potentially put in place to protect people from unscrupulous operators in a wide range of businesses which includes spiritualists. The Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) says that about 31 types of unfair sales practices such as aggressive doorstep selling will be banned. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and Trading Standards Officers will enforce the new rules. Under guidance and codes of conduct they could seek unlimited fines or even two years in prison for those breaking the rules.

Spiritualist Insurance Policies

Mediums and psychics are worried that they will now have to prove that they are not coercing, misleading or taking advantage of vulnerable people such as the bereaved or older people. They may now have to issue a disclaimer to each client stating that they cannot guarantee results and asking customers to perhaps sign a disclaimer or verbally agree that their spiritual reading is the customer's own responsibility and that any decisions they may make in the future based on it are their own legal and personal responsibility. It is thought that spiritualist insurance policies may be soon available that could cover the psychic's legal costs in the event of a prosecution.

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