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Information about getting paid to test drive cars for money payment or voucher rewards:

Test Drive New Cars Driving For Money UK

It is possible to earn some extra money from test driving cars. It is not a full time job but more of a way of getting money, shopping vouchers or things like free cinema tickets. So for about an hour of your time you could walk away from a show room with items worth over £14 or more typically a £10 or £20 gift token to spend at a shop. Marks and Spencer gift tokens are a common reward.

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Test Driving A Car

That said there is one way to make cash from test driving a car and that is by becoming a mystery shopper. There is a more in depth discussion of this excellent way of earning on our mystery shopping jobs page. I have done this for several years for companies like Research International and generally get about £15 plus expenses like travelling costs to go to the garage and talk to the salesperson to get quotes. When it has been short notice I have been paid £25 a job. It took less than an hour and I was able to do about 5 - 7 jobs in one day, going from garage to garage.

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Test Driving New Cars

The other way is to look out for local and national dealers who will give you a cash incentive to lure you to the showroom for a new model. The reward is usually for £10 or £20 and it will usually be sent to you after 28 days, rather than given in hand at the dealership. This is their way of getting you to the dealership for a hard sale and getting your name, address, e-mail and telephone number. Be prepared for a hard sale in order to get paid your money test driving new cars.

Get Paid To Test Drive Cars

Dealers offer customers cash or voucher rewards for several reasons:

They want your personal details so that you can be on their mailing list and get sent details of special offers or the newest models and brochures.

They will give you a hard sale to buy which may or may not involve trading in your old vehicle. They know that if they offer you a cash or voucher reward they will keep your attention because you will get paid to test drive cars and listen to the pitch. During this time they will do their utmost to sell to you. So don't be tempted to sign anything if you are there just for the rewards! The cup of coffee and biscuits may also be free - but again this is a trick to keep you listening to their sales talk.

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Test Drive Cars For Money

There are several disadvantages when you test drive cars for money:

The first is that you will be tempted into buying you may have had no intention of doing so. Some salespeople are highly trained and adept at selling and can literally sell coal to Newcastle! You may have had no need of a new vehicle but find yourself signing an agreement to buy and taking out a credit agreement. So it is up to you to view this as a job, take the benefits and run! Leave your pen at home and when you engage the gears engage your brain! Do not fall in love with the motor unless you really do want to buy it and the free cash or voucher is just a nice extra.

You should be covered by the comprehensive insurance policy of the garage. It is worth checking this before commencing just in case you have an accident and are responsible for repairs.

You may have to give your real name, address and phone number so that your payment can be sent to you. This means you will find yourself on the dealerships mailing lists. So be prepared to answer follow up phone calls and get sent brochures and mailings. Mind you these often have free to enter competitions. Though I've never won a new Honda or BMW I have won a nice Vauxhall t-shirt and Mini Cooper toy.

The salesperson will want to know your job and income level so that they can work out how much you may be prepared to spend. They may want to question you about a finance deal.

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Free Car Test Drive

There are several advantages of doing a free car test drive for money. In addition to what you will receive:

You get to see the newest model and learn about its features.

You will get a cup of tea or coffee and maybe something to eat. Mercedes gave me a rather nice Danish Pastry and Renault gave me some tasty shortbread.

It gets you out of the house and out and about.

It is a good learning experience to learn about the tricks of the trade the sales people use to get you to buy. In later life you can use these in reverse to gain a better deal when you do buy a new or used motor.

Some finance companies will give you a £20 voucher when you seek finance from them for quality vehicles or motorbikes even if you have a poor credit rating caused by County Court Judgements (CCJ), mortgage arrears or a poor credit history. They can help home owners and council or private tenants because the loan is secured on the vehicle rather than a home.

You will need to be aged over 17 years and have a full and clean driving licence. You will need a permanent address so that your cash or voucher can be sent to you and you should be prepared to wait up to 28 days for delivery though some dealerships will pay you on the day.

As an example, in January, Kia Motors advertised a £20 M&S voucher to people who take out one of their vehicles (except for the Kia Cee'd) up until the end of March.

Find more offers from dealers by looking in the newspaper or listening to radio adverts and watching TV adverts. Or pop in past dealerships like Audi, Ford, Nissan, Seat, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, etc and see if they have any offers.

Some will enter you into a competition to win various prizes from money, holidays, DVDs or even a new car. These can be worthwhile doing because entry level will be low so your chances of winning can be high. Unless part of the rules of the competitions state that all specific dealerships will pool entries together, though this may mean that the prizes are of higher value or there are more prizes.

Some enter a competition offers do have restricted access. For example in April Citroen ran a holiday competition just for motability customers who came to their UK showrooms. Though access to these type of competitions may bar some entrants if you find yourself in such a category Findextrawork would advise giving it a try because entrants may be low and your chances of winning the competition can be much higher.

So enjoy other benefits like cinema tickets or shopping vouchers, remember to be polite to the sales person and try to sound as if you really are there to buy. Don't make it too obvious if you really are only there for the rewards, or they may not give it to you. Acting skills may be required!

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