Typing Jobs Work At Home

How to work at home doing online typing vacancies or with local jobs

Typing Jobs Work At Home

If you are good on the keyboard, know your way round Microsoft Word and Office and can handle spreadsheets then you have a skill that people want. You can earn cash payments for typing jobs work at home or in someone's house or office.

For example some authors, like Jeffrey Archer, still write their novel manuscripts in longhand in notebooks. They will then employ someone to type the manuscript out, provide a printed hard copy and several saved discs and pen drive copies. Though a top author will most likely have their own personal assistant there are still authors and writers who are looking for someone to type their novel. This could be on a freelance or regular basis. Jill Mansell, author of To the Moon and Back: How far would you go for Love?, Rumour Has It, Perfect Timing, Good at Games and An Offer You Can't Refuse recently gave an interview on BBC Radio 4 extra and told the interviewer that despite her success she still likes to write out her novels in notepads with a fountain pen.

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There are also people like University or College students who will pay someone to set out their thesis. They may not have learnt the correct way to lay it out and will invest some of their fees to someone who knows how to do this so that they can gain valuable extra marks for presentation.

Do look out for websites that will allow you to register your CV for free and be viewed by prospective employees such as authors, managers and other people looking for skilled and qualified typists and secretaries.

Another skill that you can earn money from is the ability to type from tapes or live dictation. Some authors and writers prefer to dictate into a dictaphone or out loud because they have the ability to visualise and can narrate it out loud faster than they can type. Some top writers have never learnt the skills of using a computer and have no wish to learn, no matter how successful they have become. They would rather pay someone to do it for them.

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Typing Work

It may sound remarkable that in the day of notepads, notebooks, personal computers, the internet, etc that people still need to pay someone for typing work, but the truth is there is still some readily available.

A realistic charge would be about £4 per thousand words. Some typists charge an hourly rate of pay. You can negotiate fees with your client and could charge a bit extra for that needed in a hurry. You may want to agree on expenses such as paper, ink cartridges, pen drives, CDs, disks etc. If you do not intend to charge your clients for these costs you should add these to your income tax expense sheets along with any computer and printer equipment you have had to purchase or replace. Any repairs should also be added to your tax expense sheets. This should be at a percentage if any equipment or office supplies are used in your personal life or used by other members of your family.

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Online Typing Job

Income earned from an online typing jobs at home or freelance should be declared on your self assessment annual tax return.

It would suit a secretary who is looking for additional income or is retired and wants to supplement a pension. It would also suit people with skills who can produce formal letters, essays, spreadsheets, manuscripts, etc.

Do read it with the client so that you can understand their handwriting or listen to the tape so that you can understand the dialect and accent. It would be a good idea to get a telephone or mobile phone contact number so that any words, sentences and chapters can be easily interpreted and clarified. Do use a spell checker and save any files so that corrections can easily be made at a later date. If changes are requested by the client, other than errors, then you should make a small charge for this.

Agree to delivery and collection details, timings and dates. If you need to post anything do ensure it is in a protected envelope or box and get a receipt for the postal costs for your expenses. Important documents should be sent by special delivery to ensure prompt and safe delivery. If you hand deliver it you should claim mileage on your expense sheet or charge this to the client.

Finding them is a lot easier now thanks to e-mail. It means you can do this for anyone in the UK and indeed worldwide if you have a second language. You can type out your assignments and e-mail it to a client to print off or to proof read.

Use the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook to find writer's agents and publishers. Telephone to introduce your services and then send in an example of what you can do with a covering letter.

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Make Money From Home Typing

Contact local publishers and printers who often publish vanity books for local people who want to publish a book, often of local interest, to sell locally. Such writers will welcome a professional typist to not only do this professionally but to proof read their manuscript. I often read locally published books and am appalled by the common spelling and grammatical errors. It seems the printers do only that - print the book without correcting any errors. A good typist should be able to communicate with the writer and the printer to help them produce a well read and presented vanity published book which can only help increase sales. Your services will help the writer sell more books, so do make money from home typing jobs and charge a professional fee.

This is an open opportunity and with a bit of research, some local advertising and using Writers' & Artists' Yearbook you should secure regular employment which should expand through word of mouth. Do the small ones whilst waiting for larger ones because these soon add up and may lead to more word of mouth employment. Who knows the student whose thesis you typed out one year may write a book one day and may need a typist. Consider placing an advert in your local newspaper offering your services as a professional typist and or proof reader. A small advert need only cost less than your first assignment and gets you known locally. Some colleges and universities may have an internal newsletter, paper or bulletin board you could advertise on, sometimes for free but certainly a lot cheaper than newspaper advertising fees.

You may also find the proofreading page useful as a source of additional income.

Repetitive Strain Injury

One common problem can be repetitive strain injury. Symptoms of RSI include numbness in the fingers and hands, a feeling of ice cold, numb shoulder, pain or pins and needles in the wrists, shoulder, neck or back. The book It's Not Carpal Tunnel Syndrome!: RSI Theory and Therapy for Computer Professionals is written by a physiotherapist, Suparna Damany, who specialises in treating typists and computer users. Her co author is long term PC user Jack Bellis who has been successfully rehabilitated having sustained painful RSI. Together they discuss abnormal positions, bad posture when using a keyboard, laptop or computer and then explore ways to improve the workplace. This includes ergonomical seating, tables, stations and the correct posture for the neck and back to prevent it. Diagrams and explanations of RSI prevention exercises are included and have proved most useful for our team.

Whatever your level of expertise it is worth spending some time taking a course locally. There is even an online course which can be done for free at certain websites. This can often include audio touch, RSA and speed. A typical free course will start with basic lessons and progress through to advanced lessons. Do look out for those that offer free lessons and exercises which should include number pad lessons, copy practice and speed tests. As it progresses you can assess the speed by which you touch type and you should see this get faster as you progress.

Other lessons may include help and tips to avoid an RSI, a guide to the home row, ie the keyboard keys of A S D F J K and L, which fingers to use for which keys on the keyboard, a guide to punctuation, numbers and symbols and finger exercises.

Many of the free course websites will use a colour coded keyboard chart to help you remember which fingers go where when using the keyboard.

By being able to touch type efficiently and quickly you can secure more employment.

Typing Vacancies

Typing vacancies can be found at websites such as that which is run by Louise Sheppard who is a great example of someone making a living from this. She runs an online service which she has built up to a team of her own transcribers. Louise was a single mother and without any prior knowledge of search engine optimisation or building a website set up this business. She shares this knowledge to help others with her ebook Typing Online From Home. She also describes the scams to avoid and the pitfalls.

Louise and her staff provide a professional low cost transcription service, audio service and secretarial service for a range of clients such as estate agents, solicitors, mail order companies, accountants, etc. It is done using a range of media and material provided by the client that can include a transcription service from handwritten text, digital files sent by e-mail, interviews, CDs, cassettes and copy. Typical clients may include those seeking temp secretarial work to cover holidays or staff sickness or those not needing the expense of a full time secretary for whom the employer would have to pay or process income tax and national insurance.

You may have to sign a confidentiality agreement due to the information they may have to process. Rates of pay are not included but there are rates of charges for potential customers which starts at 80 pence per audio minute.

Prior to applying for a vacancy readers of this page may wish to buy Louiseā€™s e-book. Here she describes how you too can start building up a client base. Through her guide she describes the equipment you need, how to set up a website to attract clients and develop the site to get a higher listing on search engines using meta tags and key words.

Below are some examples of questions and answers related to this page that you may find useful.

I am interested in the idea of doing this for authors that I have read. I can type at the moment 35 to 40 words per minute so I would like to know is this enough to consider doing it and can I make a living out of this or is suggested as only a side line to employment I may already have.

It depends on the time restraints and contract you have undertaken and the hours you are prepared to do. The average speed per minute for a secretary is between 50 to 80 words whilst top typists can regularly do 100 words per minute. If you have been fortunate enough to secure employment from an author then he or she would probably be more interested in examples of your ability, being able to read his or her shorthand, notes and handwriting and being able to complete it on time. You may take a bit longer, but can produce the required level of competence. It may not always bring in a full time wage but when combined with the other opportunities on the left and right side links above should provide a modest living.

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