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Work From Home Business Opportunity

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The home based jobs below are packed full of details and information to help you find new and existing ways to earn extra money from home.

Home Based Work

About 10% of people do home based work which saves them and their employer money and some companies have seen a 20% rise in productivity. Though we are more about self employment and being a freelancer, the information below can apply for those who do thisfor themselves or an employer.

Work From Home Jobs

The benefits of work from home jobs are:
  • There is no travelling and stressful commuting.

  • You have access to your own bathroom and kitchen.

  • You can have an afternoon nap and feel refreshed to do things in better quality.

  • Some can be done around the children so cutting costs and inconvenience of childcare

  • You don't need to find a dog sitter and can walk the dog whenever you feel like it.

  • Your time is flexible so if you want to shop during the day, attend a dentist appointment or visit a friend you can and then catch up in the evening.

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Working From Home

The disadvantages of working from home are:
  • You may not see or even speak to another person for several day and may miss the interactive chats with colleagues at the water cooler or bouncing ideas off each other at meetings.

  • Afternoon power naps could turn into long siestas if you are not disciplined enough to get up when the alarm clock rings.

  • Partners, husbands and wives or children may disturb you or ask you for quick favours breaking your concentration or study.

  • The noise of the children playing , arguing etc or the sound of the washing machine may not sound professional over the telephone or may distract you from your designated tasks.

  • You can easily do overtime without pay because you want to get the project finished.

  • Home workers worry that people will think they are lazy. To compensate this many do more hours. Overcome this by setting yourself targets and tasks to complete at the start of the day and when these are completed finish without guilt.

Work From Home Information

By the year 2014 it is estimated that 20% of people will do this.

Websites like ours and faster broadband speeds will provide more people with work from home information. More and more of your neighbours will be doing this or starting a small business from the shed in the garden.

The abbreviation is WFH and some people nickname it Work From Hammock!

Work From Home Tips

Leave the television off until your schedule has been completed is the best of work from home tips! Avoid other distractions until you have reached your daily targets. Unless your home working job is reviewing TV programmes!

Do not worry if you finish much quicker. Take the extra time off with no guilt because many home-workers find they complete work at home that much quicker than in an office because there is no-one to gossip with or distractions. It is estimated that about 40% of time in an office is wasted through chatting, sending personal e-mails, joking and having banter. Though this fun can keep an organisation or team happy and make them gel thus increasing team productivity it does lower time spent on the job.

Avoid working at home in your pyjamas, night dress, dressing gown or boxer shorts. Getting dressed as if for the office will keep your mind focused.

If you have the space have a separate room or area just for your activity so that relatives and other people in your house know you are busy and should not be disturbed.

Some people dress in smart clothes, a suit or shirt and tie and leave the house, go for a short walk, like they would if they had to commute, then come back and go straight to their desk. It helps them focus their mind and get into the office mindset.

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Teaching Online Courses

One involves teaching online courses in languages. This is ideal for those who speak and/or can write a second language and think that they can teach other people. Teaching a language online could be a great way for you to earn some extra money in your free time.

To become an online language teacher you will need an understanding of the language that you would like to teach. So much so that you would be able to simplify your speech so that a beginner will be able to understand you and develop their own use of the second language. A background or experience in language education and teaching is helpful but not essential since most of the people you will be teaching will be more interested in building their conversation skills and fluency than on specific grammar points when they enrol.

It is recommended to read up on the subject of how to teach grammar. One such resource is Martin Parrot's excellent 'Grammar for English Language Teachers' Grammar for English Language Teachers: With Exercises and a Key which includes exercises and advice on how to plan lessons.

An experienced teacher who is used to more traditional classroom teaching will be able to easily transfer their skills. There are further resources available to help which includes the book Teaching Online: A Practical Guide.

Those who wish to teach will need regular access to a PC with internet connection and a webcam for face to face teaching and interaction with pupils. Many teachers use a headset with built in microphone for comfort as well as a greater sound quality which is particularly useful for a pupil who is still coming to grips with the sounds of a new language.

Delivery of the class can utilise communication software such as Skype.

Learning is often described as a two way process and many who teach online courses describe learning things from their pupils in the course together, one described learning about olive farming.

Teaching Online Courses

Teaching online courses can help to develop your professional career and teachers may wish to take a TEFL course or even an MA in applied linguistics. This can easily help the teacher to teach languages worldwide in a variety of settings. Such qualifications may be available at evening classes in local colleges and further education establishments. A qualified teacher can earn extra cash by teaching such evening classes.

Those who are already qualified teachers and wish to go out to work could try their local academic institutions and enquire if they offer online language classes to which you can join the teaching staff. Though you may need to do rigid hours depending on the time zones of the students and the opening times of the facilities.

Online Language Course


learn2lingo One way to teach online courses with flexibility is through a website such as Learn2lingo.

At Learn2lingo there is no fixed schedule. Instead you can set your availability to accept students whenever you have free time to teach online courses. Worldwide students use and their website offers you resources to get in touch with pupils such as blogs and social networking services.

Learn2lingo teachers are paid per hour or for a half-hour class and payment can be received using PayPal or by direct bank transfer for those who have a UK bank account. In the current economic climate, becoming involved in the education industry is a safe way to earn some extra money doing a satisfying job that could become a future career.

For more information on becoming a learn2lingo teacher, visit the learn2lingo website at where you can sign up for a free account.

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