Work As A Cleaner

Information to help you work as cleaner in a range of cleaning jobs and advice on becoming self-employed:

Some people lead busy lives, may be disabled or infirm and cannot upkeep their house or flat. They will happily employ someone to help them around the house. If you like or don't mind cleaning work then you could consider working as a cleaner for cash payments.

Work As A Cleaner

There are several ways to get a job as a cleaner which includes part or full time with an agency, building up your own clients and being self employed or directly for a company, shop, office etc. Each cleaner job has their own advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed throughout this article.

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Cleaning Jobs

Cleaning Work There are many regular cleaning jobs available for hospitals, shops, offices, companies, etc. Most hours are early morning or at night when the staff have finished or just before they start. Hours are usually set and you have the assurance of a contract of employment and possible perks like sick and holiday pay and perhaps even a pension. Rates of pay vary but as it is seen as unskilled with no qualifications required then it is commonly at or just above the national minimum wage. It is generally not flexible and those wishing to choose their own hours may be better opting for those listed below.

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Self Employed Cleaning Jobs

Those who prefer to have flexible hours to suit themselves may be better becoming a self employed cleaner. Positions are usually advertised locally. Satisfied customers will often tell their friends about them and it is often possible to build up an easy to manage list of clients. Payments vary and this type can attract higher rates of pay - people are prepared to pay more for someone they like and trust and whom they know will do a thorough job with little intrusion. Those who succeed tend to be happy people who get the balance of being able to chat with their clients whilst keeping a professional distance. Their clients trust them around the home, often leaving them with a key, and are satisfied with their performance. Some go that extra mile by doing the ironing, collecting prescriptions, taking out the garbage, etc.

House Cleaning Jobs

Though the rates of pay are higher you should weigh this up with not getting sick or holiday pay. You should discuss with customers who will pay and provide materials and a schedule of employment and house cleaning jobs to be done. Keep this realistic and include timescales such as how long it is expected for you to dust, vacuum, clean the toilet and bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, mop the floors, etc.

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Cleaner Work

Hours can be flexible, for example the person who employs you and themselves do 9-5 Monday to Friday and employs you for two hours a week usually won't mind what time you arrive so long as they can see you have done your job.

Some employers may even be flexible about you bringing your children or baby, an advantage for those who cannot find other employment due to child care. However we would strongly encourage you to discuss this with clients. Not all will want children in their home, no matter how well behaved or helpful they are.

Employment With A Cleaning Agency

Employment with a cleaning agency provides you with a certain degree of protection whilst still giving you flexibility of hours; you may even get perks like holiday pay.

It saves you having to find self employed cleaning jobs because they provide you with the shifts and usually provide the materials. You should also get training to ensure all clean to the same standard and have health and safety training. Some agencies may provide you with a uniform.

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They will keep a percentage of the costs to the clients before paying you, though this may still be more of a higher wage if you were self employed.

Hours as an agency cleaner are a little bit more flexible than if you were employed by one company or shop, etc. Full time and part time cleaner work can be available if you are prepared to travel. Some provide travelling expenses which are then charged to the customer.

It is a great way to earn extra money if you are fit enough.

Whatever method of employment you use you will need to pay Income Tax and National Insurance on your earnings. If you are an employee then these are usually taken off your income and should show on your pay statement. If you are a self-employed cleaner then this tax and NI are your responsibility and should be declared to HM Revenue and Customs. Employment with a cleaning agency can vary and you should check with them whose responsibility it is to pay Income Tax and National Insurance.

If you have to provide your own equipment or products say for work as a cleaner in people's homes, then these can be offset against tax as an expense. However, if you use these for your own home then you can only claim a percentage of these expenses. We recommend talking to HM Revenue and Customs for advice and support.

A recent survey by IPSOS MORI, which was commissioned by Molly Maid International, revealed that those undertaking it are estimated to be costing the UK Government about £400 million in unpaid tax and that there are around 160,000 who are working illegally throughout Britain and by not paying Tax or National Insurance. In addition this research found that some companies are not paying VAT to HM Revenue and Customs. Their findings revealed that some earn up to £18,000 for 20 hour less a week: and pay no contributions. Other findings in this research revealed that the UK industry is valued at £1.6 billion with an estimated 98% being paid cash in hand which has a detriment of legitimate businesses.

The ironing jobs from home page discusses earning from providing an ironing service which can easily be combined with this.

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